Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blessings from Mary Magdalene

This is a meditation and spiritual blog guide for anyone interested in connecting with their own unique Divine Purpose and Destiny. It is meant to inspire and comfort and is based on my own experiential prayer practice and journey with Divine Feminine over the past two years. 

Mary Magdalena is my primary source of inspiration in these meditations, although I have several soul partners and guides when I prayer. It is my belief having had this experience that we all have a set of soul partners and spiritual guides available and waiting for our invocation of their presence in our lives. They help us to fulfill our soul's purpose through first discovering our uniques gifts to offer others and then finding a way to express those gifts of service in the world. 

While surrendering to and honoring our own unique expression of our Divine Purpose, our guides and soul partners will 'lead' the way and we will begin to find other souls who come into our lives for the fulfillment of our own work. There are several principles of spiritual maturity that Mary and my guides have revealed to me that I share in this blog guide. There are daily meditations to inspire and support you on your journey. I also have a step by step process that assists you in your own meditative and prayerful practice which connects you with your own set of Spirit Guides and Soul Partners. There are several principles of Spiritual Maturity and principles of Sacred Divine Feminine that have been revealed to me as well.

I am working on a book proposal to put all of this information together, but for now I will be sharing on the blog some of these inspirations.

It takes great courage and humility to receive the abundance of guidance and soul support available to each one of us. May you be courageous and bold enough to receive all the abundance, mercy and guidance your soul guides have for you. 

In service of the Divine,