Thursday, July 19, 2012

Seeking Help, Surrender, Support

July 18th
Surrendering our frailties opens us to Divine power and wisdom.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

There is a balance between what I can do and what I must surrender for Divine intervention and healing. In my spiritual practice, I learn to keep my emotional, physical, relational, financial and spiritual life full of integrity and harmony. I do my part. I take responsibility for these areas of my life.

There are some aspects of each of these realms, however, where it is necessary to ask for help and recognize that the outcome is out of my control. During these moments of discernment, I seek spiritual guidance and support. If I have done my part and adjusted my behavior, then often times a spiritual solution is called for and, I, in my humility and wisdom, seek it. This often occurs for me when I am personally challenged with a behavior in my relationship with myself or another that I simply cannot seem to change on my own. Knowing some wounds/shadows run deep or accepting there are karmic energies beyond my understanding and control has been necessary. I seek a Power greater than myself in these times.

Today a friend called for support. She and I have had a close and challenging, at times, relationship. As I listened to the situation for which she was troubled, I recognized a pattern that I have seen in her life, relationships and even in our friendship emerge again. When she asked for my feedback and perspective in the situation, I gave it to her straight. I told her from my perspective she was "running away" again from a difficult situation because she was scared and her justification for doing so is that the other persons involved are bad and wrong. So many gifts emerged from this situation for me.

First of all, asking for help and knowing we need a community of support is essential to living an honest, fulfilling life. My friend's reaching out for help gives me the courage to do the same when times call for it. 

Secondly, we cannot see the deep patterns and shadows of our own wounds on our own. We need one another to help. To ask for feedback from someone who knows us well and be open to hear an honest assessment is a testament of courage and self-love in action. My friend has inspired me to remember that I need other people, too, and my commitment to spiritual and emotional maturity is stronger than my ego need to be right or "look good" on the outside. 

Lastly, these deep shadows and patterns of survival that we carry within us are reenacted in our lives and relationships with others. Not only do we need people in our lives that love us with all these shadows in tact, but also we must have a spiritual connection that we can seek assistance from and release these pattern to in the hopes of healing. While sometimes Spirit speaks to us through those that love and know us intimately, the real miracle comes from surrender to this Higher Power and allowing transformation within so that we can change the survival patterns and live the live we deeply desire. 

Asking for help, receiving honest feedback and seeking Spiritual intervention are foundations for living a full and spiritual centered life. How wonderful that we have the choice to create this in our lives and to live authentically.