Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Embracing our Shadows

Shadows reflect our light...

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,” said Carl Jung, “but by making the darkness conscious.” As the originator of the concept of “shadow” Carl Jung first brought into our cultural consciousness the necessity of loving ourselves through bringing to consciousness what is in the unconscious. This applies especially to the most unlovable and dark parts that we have worked diligently to hide, repress and deny. As a certified Shadow Work® facilitator and author of a book on the Sacred Feminine, I work with these energies and create environments that allow individuals to explore their darker side. With Sacred Feminine principles, we surrender to it all and know that the connection between dark and light, pain and joy, sickness and health is symbiotic. We cannot experience one without the other. Stepping into my own darkness and creating circles that invite others to do the same are the environments that I play, teach and learn within. These are the circles that I facilitate and allow myself to be facilitated within to continue my own emotional and spiritual maturity and trust my darkness to the light.

In “Blessings From Mary” my most recent book, I explore 9 Sacred Feminine Principles and offer daily meditations that lead one to their Divine Purpose. Here I share some ideas inspired by Carl Jung which encourage us to embrace those “dark” emotions rather than avoid and run from them. In an age and culture that prescribes to a quick fix from discomfort: physical, emotional and spiritual, it’s not always an appealing invitation to explore and embrace our shadows. We think if we are feeling good then we are living well and if we are feeling grieve, despair, fear or shame there must be something wrong.

Sacred Feminine spirituality encourages us to meet all of ourselves with open heart and allow our wounds to inform us of all we have to offer. Our woundedness and shadows teach us about our giftedness. In our full embrace of the hurts, pain, “feel-bad” emotions we carry, we also embrace our compassion, joy and deepest sense of self. In the Sacred Feminine perspective, we hold our darkness with comfort, care and a willingness to surrender. In our darkness, we find brilliance, wisdom and authenticity.

From this fullness, we give to others. Our fully experienced grief, fear and pain open our hearts and bring us the unexpected gifts of gratitude, joy and a deepened capacity to love ourselves and others.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Acceptance or Transformation?

I wonder about the distinction between acceptance and taking a stand for transformation. To love someone fully, is to accept who they are and who they are not, learning to receive the gifts that the relationship offers and seek connection where it can happen. There are individuals who model acceptance for me and then there are others who model taking a stand for transformation. When do we accept someone as they are and when do we request change in our relationships with others. The answer seems clear in today's meditation; in that daily spiritual connection is the foundation on which all clarity comes. What might be right for one, may need a different tact for another. Blessings to you on your journey of acceptance in relationships. Love, Sally

September 18th

Listen to our ancient knowing and trust.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“We come to you now to aid and honor what is most dear to your heart. What is dear to your heart is dear to ours. It is all part of your soul’s work to do. Creating a sacred and powerful marriage is also a part of your soul’s work to do. This is the most important and significant place to bring our healing energy and wisdom. Listen to our ancient knowing and trust.

You want to change your partner. Your energy to make him different goes against the natural rhythm of transformation. Your desire to change, and your resistance to what is, adds strength to the very energy you want to transform.

First, welcome the energy as it is. Welcome your partner’s wounded dynamic and yours as it interacts together. Welcome the hurt, frustration and the challenge. It is here. We will join forces to transform.

Next, stand for yourself in your family relationships. As a place to stand, there is clarity and power.

Lastly, be aware of your intentions. Allow yourself compassion for his wound, but let not its energy seep into the intention for healing and empowerment. Your intention is most important.

Stay clear and detached from the swirling pain and energy of his wounded places and your own wounded places. Open yourself to creating an avenue of new possibility and a path to freedom. Ask us to join you. Trust the power of your intention. Trust the power of your commitment and desire to make a new way. Accepting exactly what is, as it is, actually begins the transformation process. Allow the transformation to happen by first accepting it as it is.”