Monday, February 16, 2009

A woman's intention for healing can invoke an abundance of resources.

"There are many who are in pain, hungry and without kind touch. You have the ability to call upon an infinite and abundant set of resources at any time. The angels and saints and guides that wait for your call will rush to your side and respond to your intention. Spirit energy will make a difference. Mothers yearn to spread their loving energy. Women most especially are able to visualize healing a child and comforting a hurt and needy one.

These thoughts of love will carry through the timelessness and healing will come. The vision of one woman comforting another or many touching the needs of several children will create a blanket of mercy and connection. Your beckoning the energies of ancient spirits will connect these energies of all. 

A difference will be made. Do not doubt the power of one woman to connect and beckon the power of many. 

This power heals. This power comforts. This power creates possibility.

We are abundant resources for all. 

Come to us. Come to us. Come to us. Summon our powers and bless all."