Sunday, May 17, 2009

Criticism of another is a reflection of our own self-hatred....

I do not like the phrase "self-hatred." I don't like to admit that I hate myself. Yet, I've come to believe that there are still parts of myself that I've not yet embraced with love and acceptance. I want to deny certain characteristics or shadows that I have. An indication of this for me is when I find myself judging or criticizing another person. Whatever I judge harshly about them, I've learned to notice and explore as a place in my own being that I reject and deny.To look within when I blame or criticize another takes great courage. The rewards I have found include deeper self-awareness, a greater capacity for love of self and others and compassionate understanding. Here is what my guides have to say about this~

Our judgements of another are always a reflection of ourselves.

Mary Magdalene

“Our judgments of another,  a group or an institution, are just that, judgments, opinions and reflections. Sometimes this information comes out of our desire to serve and out of our divine purpose and the difference we are called to make. The judgement or perception we have helps us to be in reality about the situation we are dealing with and assists us in how best to make a contribution.

If the opinion that comes to us brings joy, generosity of heart or clarifies an action to take that will provide further spiritual service, it comes from intuition and love, for service and well-being.

Sometimes our mind will bring forth judgments and opinions that come from fear. It is an automatic reaction to a person, a place or a situation that has threatened our ego and is reflecting something that we resist seeing within ourselves.  Divine center cannot be threatened; there is no ego to protect. When opinions and judgments come out of defense and as a way to separate, we know it is from ego and fear.

Pay attention the moment after an opinion or judgment comes to you. Breathe it in and ask us to discern with you. Surrender it to us.  Ask us to assist you in seeing what is being reflected to you. How might this judgement of another mirror to you a place you've not yet loved within yourself?  Welcome it when you sense it comes to assist you in being of service or as an opportunity for your own healing. Take a moment to pause to invite divine discernment and our assistance.

The greatest act of service for all comes from learning to love ourselves first. From this self-compassion, self-forgiveness and self-acceptance, we give to others from the purest and most authentic spiritual source."