Monday, April 9, 2012

Lack, abundance and trusting Diving Source....

There is often a challenge to releasing old beliefs and allowing ourselves to experience, new more empowering belief systems. We must first acknowledge our attachment to what is familiar, even when what is familiar in our beliefs no longer serves our highest good. In this ownership, we then have the ability to release and let go; welcoming beliefs that serve our highest good and provide us the energy to share our gifts and contributions with others.

April 7th

A sense of lack is a lack of faith. There is no lack with Divine Source.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Hear this now. There is no lack where there is Divine Source. There is no running out of anything where Divine Source lives. There is no lack of money. No lack of food. No lack of time. No lack of energy. No lack of resource of any kind.

Your desire to remain attached to a belief of lack is your desire to remain in control of life and your own self-will. There is no such thing as lack. When you surrender to the abundance of the Source from which we all are connected, you will know this to be true. Abundance will then flow in all ways and flow consistently with lushness and miracles galore.

You must surrender this belief and forgive yourself for any attachment to past. This, too, is how you stay in lack. It is a lack of self-forgiveness, and a lack of belief in Divine plan. As imperfect as you are and have been on your journey, remember that your heart has been given over to Divine Source. We know this. Therefore, you shall claim Divine order and timing in all things.

Believe now in the abundant flow of all energies. Believe now in the Divine order of all things. All things.”