Monday, September 27, 2010

Angels and Partners Along the Way

There are soul angels and allies along your path. Pay attention.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I feel frightened today about all that is before me and how to complete the many projects and commitments that I have. I wonder what is next and how to get the support I need? What should I focus my energy? I bring this anxiety and fear to Mary and my guides today and ask for wisdom.

"So much is birthed in frustration and tension. Remember, there is nothing that you do alone. We are always with you and the way will be made clear for you. Doors will open, words will be spoken, support and allies will appear and all will be revealed. All will be revealed along the way.

It is your time and time for your gifts to be shared and spoken. Look for the signs and follow where the light leads. Notice where it does not shine the way as well. Pay attention to those who honor and bless you on the path and those who are not able to see clearly the path unfolding. These are the soul angels sent along the way. They are your guides, your allies, and your encouragers who bless and love you on your journey.

Watch for the old learned ways of trying to impress, convince or change those who do not honor and reflect your Divine giftedness and calling. There are more lessons here. To allow yourself the gift and blessing of Divine reflection ONLY takes time. You still want from someone else what they can not give and forget to welcome from others what they are able to give freely.

When you notice this old wound, come to us. Come to the place of comfort and nourishment for the young wounded places inside still seeking healing. As there is continued healing here, there will be consistent movement toward allies that support and honor. There will be consistent movement away from those who do not.

All has its order."