Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There is great wisdom in fear when you embrace and honor it.

wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I feel frustrated about a group of women whom I judge to be controlling and cliquey. There is part of me that wants to fit in and part of me that does not want to fit with them at all. I bring my fear and my frustration to my guides and ask for comfort.

Mary and my guides say,

“We bless your fear. We bless you. Fear is a great gift for you. Fear is the source of most unconscious choices and behaviors that harm. Fear is the source of potential unrealized and destinies unexpressed. Fear is the foundation of so many losses; losses of those unable and unwilling to honor the deepest calling within. Fear often keeps us from the most profound kindnesses and guidance within.

When you are willing to embrace your fear, experience its wisdom and allow yourself to befriend it, movement and transformation will happen.

There is a settling into your soul when you allow fear to bless you. There is a shift in power and energy as fear is exposed and loved. There is wisdom, perspective, compassion and courage that is born from the joy filled connection with fear. Embrace fear.

Breathe into the places you’ve avoided and resisted. Allow the energy to transform to courage, wisdom, clarity and mercy. Use the energy to move you forward.

We bless your fear.

We bless your journey.”

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Feminine Energy/Wounded Masculine

November 1st

In the Sacred Feminine perspective, there is not better than or less than. We are all a significant part of the Whole.

wisdom of Mary Magdalene

There is something about this necessity I have to rank myself, better than, less than. I am compelled to rank others, less aware, more aware, etc.

Mary and my guides want me to write about this and why it is so in the cellular consciousness of my being and those on this planet.

I bring this to Mary and my guides.

“This is the perspective of the wounded masculine mind and the wounded masculine spirit of being. One is better than, greater than, smarter than, has arrived, reached the goal and gotten there. Inherent in this ideology is one is less than, dumber than, has not yet arrived, missed the mark and still behind.

It is a rhythm and a perspective whose time has served a purpose and whose time is now balanced with and challenged by the Feminine Mind and Feminine Spirit.

From this perspective, all has value, all contributes to the whole and there are gifts from those less expected for glory that those most expected of glory must have.

There is sacredness in all.

There is mystery in all.

There is holiness in all.

And magic happens in the opening of hearts and authentic connections most especially where it is least expected to happen.

This is part of your message.

It will be welcomed in some places

It will be rejected in other places.

As you offer a place of home to those whose time has come to embrace this Feminine energy, reawakening and anxious for voice, there will be glory for all.

As you offer this challenge to those whose time it is to reject, deny or rebel against what they have settled into as comfortable resignation and control, there will be upheaval and fear. You will be attacked.

There will no lasting harm to you, only a continual reawakening to the Divine Feminine home within.

This voice will be clearer.

This energy will be more vital.

This heart will beat more compassionately.

This mind will awaken more strategically.

This soul connection will be deeper and more profound.

You are held by the heart of the Great Feminine energy and soul of all women who have gone before you.

This is the home souls are seeking and this is the message to feed their hunger.

We are with you in heart, soul, body, mind and spirit.”

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Surrendering our Pain


Always attend to the inner world above all else.

the wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I am heading back from Africa. I arrive in Newark and head into Connecticut. I feel some fear about of my relationship with my husband. The stress of the back and forth is getting to me and I can feel myself wanting to withdraw, so I am aware of my fear today. I feel trapped too and this is when I create conflict with him. I bring this to Mary and my guides.

“This sense of being trapped and the instinct to run is the place for you to bring us. This is the place to embrace and dwell. This is the place to invoke the ancient healing energies waiting for your invitation. We are with you here. Allow us to come ~ to dwell ~ to heal.

These are the great gifts we unwrap through our connection to others. These wounds, deep, deep fight or flight wounds, only surface when things matter most. Your beloved matters most and this deep distressed message is embedded in the soul of a young and lonely child. But she is not alone any more. She calls to you and we are with you in this profound healing work.

Always, always attend to the inner world first and above all else. From here, your wisdom will guide your actions. Continue to bring this all to us.

Clarity will light the way.

The knowing and peace from within will surround all of your relationships without.

Trust that we are with you and as you dwell with this difficulty, we will heal and transform it all.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Darkness and Light

Your journey into darkness reawakens your senses and allows the recognition of light.

the wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I feel agitated, judgmental, cranky, menstrual, etc. Very sad, on the verge of depression, etc. I feel lonely and hormonal.

Mary and my guides speak,

“Sometimes the rhythm of life calls for rest, deep breath, relaxation and surrender. It calls us to sit in quiet reflection or pulls us into the moment, uncomfortable as it may be. This is the call from us this day.

We are with you in these moments. We are with you in this tiredness, exhaustion, frustration, depression and aloneness. We are with you now.

Your journey into depression and darkness reawakens your senses and allows recognition of the other parts of the journey.

Joy, inspiration and the miracle of your life will also be more alive in you.

We bless you in all your seasons and rhythms.”

Monday, August 3, 2009

Trusting the Unknown and following our Desires.....

August 3rd

"To honor our deepest desires and passions within is to honor the divine."

Mary Magdalene

I’ve missed my meditation with Mary. I’ve stopped pursuing that which is most joyful within, perhaps it is all the traveling I've done, perhaps it is the season and rhythm of time, but I miss my peace, my joy, my passion in life. My confidence is low and shame and fear seem high. I have writing to do and service to share with others. I give myself to you dear Mary, dear divine being that Guides and Blesses me. How can I best be of service to those souls awaiting my guidance, my words, my vesseling of the divine?

Letting go is often like jumping off an icy slope not knowing when or what the bottom will be like. It is like jumping into deep, dark water having never swam there before and being uncertain of what lies beneath the glassy surface.

Surrendering to these places deep within will call us to honor our desires, our wants and move in the direction of our dreams. We are called this way even though we may not be familiar with the landscape before us. Each step may bring us to unfamiliar terrain, then the next step and the next step. For awhile, we may be in these unknown places and sometimes we do not know how long this roaming in the desert will last.

What feeds our soul? What nourishes our spirit? What energizes our body? These are the things which will lead us to our most profound expression of service, of the Divine.

To honor those yearnings within us is to honor the Divine.”

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obedience from within......

January 17th

"Obedience is the greatest lesson and comes from moving in the direction of listening to your heart and honoring your soul's work."

the wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Mary, I’ve been ill, tired, frustrated and not connected to you or my guides. I feel detached, lonely and sad. I want to be with you, connected and inspired. I’m tired of my own obsessive thoughts.

Please relieve me of myself and this bondage I am in and use me for your work and for the service I am called to be in the world. Please help me as I surrender to you and my guides.

“My dear child and friend,

There are many challenges, struggles and obstacles along your path. The gifts come from overcoming. Overcoming happens when it happens. You must trust the journey and as you come to us consistently with the discipline and willingness of a servant wanting to please and honor her Master, his Guiding Light, the fragments of gold, of wisdom, of joy and of inspiration will be bestowed mercifully.

Obedience is your greatest lesson. To obey means to move in the direction and listen to what is guided from within. As you obey these stirrings inside your heart and soul, your lessons will be complete.

Each obeying of our guidance and each honoring of your own intuitive voice will bring you in the direction of authentic joy, peace and service and your destiny will be complete.

Cleansing and releasing come first.

Welcoming and honoring what is known from within is next.

Blessing others with mercy, generosity and kindness will follow.

You are never alone.”

Friday, July 10, 2009


"Come to us in your loneliness. As we nourish you, you will nourish others."

Mary Magdalene

I feel sad a lot and lonely. We are on vacation and with friends and I am not really enjoying their company or the company of my family. I feel disconnected. I’m lonely for my routine and want to be connected but not certain where I fit, where to go, how to be and connect with others. I see myself a part from, just as I recall as a child. So much on the outside looking in and into what, I am not sure. I bring this to my guides for comfort.

“We are here for you. We have always been and always will be. This journey, this conscious and awake journey that we are on together has many unknowns. There is an ancient work to do at certain times and there are lessons, plenty of learning and lessons along the way.

Honor your love of nature. Allow yourself to resonate deeply with the stillness, the rhythm and season of life and the whispers that come in the silence.

If there is other passion inside you looking for expression, then honor this. It is time to honor the stirring within, the passion and desire that rise forth in the silence and stillness. It is time to feed and honor this place in your soul.

Listen for other guidance and leadings as well. They will come to you when you listen and are open to hearing.

This journey is a silent and lonely one at times. You have your path and yours alone to walk, to embrace and to honor. When you are lonely, come to us, this is the call.

There is fulfillment and joy, connection and unity that will only come in communion with us. The deep and profound sense of aloneness is the call to be with us.

Love the loneliness.

Love the rhythm of sadness and grief.

Trust the call you are honoring and embracing.

It is our time to feed and nourish you, so that you feed and nourish others.”

Monday, June 29, 2009

Reflections and Awareness

March 8th

"All difficulties we judge in others are a reflection of ourselves."

Mary Magdalene

Today I struggle with my own jealousy and internal demons. There is a woman that I love, but also feel jealous of. I see her in many different circles in my life and do not like how she triggers me. I bring this to Mary and my guides today.

My guides speak,

“We see ourselves in all places. There are mirrors everywhere. When we choose to look into the mirror and intend for honest self-reflection, great gifts will come. Remember, as you see yourself clearly and learn deep and lasting love and compassion for all you see, this deep and lasting love will spring forth from within. You will offer this healing and freedom to others.

This woman you know reflects you. This woman you love, yet there are more wounds that require draining. What you see in her is a wound in you that requires lancing. Lance with love. Lance with care. Lance with gratitude and allow the healing and blessings to come forth. As you surrender to us with the intention of healing and service for all, there will be purification and wisdom given.

Trust what you see and know just as she comes from a wounded place, so do you. Love this place inside yourself and let that compassion flow to her as well.

Embrace the wound. Experience the healing and the gifts that come.”

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

   I think most of us have had an experience of the Divine, whatever we choose to call this Higher Power. We have all had the experience of knowing there is someone or something greater than ourselves and we rely on and often, pray to, this Being. Some of us have even had profound spiritual experiences in which for a moment or even a few moments in time, we were privileged enough to seemingly connect with the Sacred. There were synchronicities and serendipitous moments that could only be explained through acknowledging a miraculous touch of Divine Spirit. 

   How do we increase these momentous occasions? How might we design our lives in such a way that profound spiritual experiences become a daily happening? The answer, I believe, is through a prayer and meditation practice. Whatever that is and however we design it to suit our spiritual longings, doing this on a regular basis increases our capacity to experience Divine connections. Practice sitting and breathing just 5 minutes a day. Experiment with what works for you. Light a candle. Burn some sage. Bring a Journal or meditation book to read from. It's up to you. 

    As you do this over time, you will begin to increase your own capacity to encounter the Divine. Your brain and your spirit will begin to expect these sacred connections to happen. Breathe deeply and get ready. 

   Here is some of what my guides speak to me in those moments of Sacred Encounter~

Trust all the souls that touch you deeply and look for the gift of their offering.

Mary Magdalene

“This is your purpose. Tell others all the answers are within. Seek deeply within yourself the places that speak to you. Seek deeply within your self your own voices and whispers.  Seek deeply within you the desires that inspire and move you.

Connect with people, places and experience that move you deeply and create gratitude and clarity for you in your life. 

Look for the souls that you know deep within. 

Welcome the souls who touch you deeply.  You will see in their eyes that they know you too. 

Trust this connection.

Trust this knowing.

Trust this seeing.”

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Criticism of another is a reflection of our own self-hatred....

I do not like the phrase "self-hatred." I don't like to admit that I hate myself. Yet, I've come to believe that there are still parts of myself that I've not yet embraced with love and acceptance. I want to deny certain characteristics or shadows that I have. An indication of this for me is when I find myself judging or criticizing another person. Whatever I judge harshly about them, I've learned to notice and explore as a place in my own being that I reject and deny.To look within when I blame or criticize another takes great courage. The rewards I have found include deeper self-awareness, a greater capacity for love of self and others and compassionate understanding. Here is what my guides have to say about this~

Our judgements of another are always a reflection of ourselves.

Mary Magdalene

“Our judgments of another,  a group or an institution, are just that, judgments, opinions and reflections. Sometimes this information comes out of our desire to serve and out of our divine purpose and the difference we are called to make. The judgement or perception we have helps us to be in reality about the situation we are dealing with and assists us in how best to make a contribution.

If the opinion that comes to us brings joy, generosity of heart or clarifies an action to take that will provide further spiritual service, it comes from intuition and love, for service and well-being.

Sometimes our mind will bring forth judgments and opinions that come from fear. It is an automatic reaction to a person, a place or a situation that has threatened our ego and is reflecting something that we resist seeing within ourselves.  Divine center cannot be threatened; there is no ego to protect. When opinions and judgments come out of defense and as a way to separate, we know it is from ego and fear.

Pay attention the moment after an opinion or judgment comes to you. Breathe it in and ask us to discern with you. Surrender it to us.  Ask us to assist you in seeing what is being reflected to you. How might this judgement of another mirror to you a place you've not yet loved within yourself?  Welcome it when you sense it comes to assist you in being of service or as an opportunity for your own healing. Take a moment to pause to invite divine discernment and our assistance.

The greatest act of service for all comes from learning to love ourselves first. From this self-compassion, self-forgiveness and self-acceptance, we give to others from the purest and most authentic spiritual source."