Thursday, November 10, 2011

Divine Perspective.......

When I have a vision for how I want things to be or how I want others to behave, it is an opportunity for me to hold the intention AND invite my Spiritual Source into the dialog. To hold intention is important but to trust a power greater than myself and surrender to a Divine Perspective is essential to living a life of purpose and service. I can not know or see or understand all things but I can trust a Higher Power and Spiritual Connection that does.

November 10th

Tension is the precursor to birth and transformation.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Service comes in so many ways. Part of your service work is to share this truth with others. When your attention and focus in on the physical realm, the result will be a physical one. When your attention and focus in on the spiritual realm, the result will be a spiritual one.

In the physical realm, you may try to see, create in your mind and predict an outcome. In the spiritual realm, there are unforeseen visions that appear, results that were not known to the human mind, and outcomes beyond your understanding.

The lessons reoccur for you because it is a challenging lesson to grasp. It is available more easily to the mystic no longer in the physical realm and available to those willing to surrender physical attachments. There are others waiting to hear this lesson again. You are both receiver and messenger for this message.

We are with you. The answer lies in welcoming our presence and inviting our guidance and mercy.”