Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Safety of Vulnerability

There is no safer place than an open and vulnerable heart.
Mary Magdalene

     On this day I realize that I want things to be easy and I am trying to force solutions and outcomes. I want people to behave as I want them to behave. I feel agitated and angry. I bring this all to Mary and my guides and they respond.

"Just as you cannot, through sheer force of will, move a mountain or influence the actions of another, sheer force can not untangle or rearrange the wounded places of your spirit. This unfolding, this relaxing of tension, comes through continued practices of prayer, surrender, openness and release. 

You must use your bold vision and intention with clear motives and honest expression. You must let go of protecting yourself or another from the wounds of their past.

Let go of your own desire to hide and protect. There is no place safer than the vulnerable and open heart of one desiring and intending for mercy and healing. 

Your relationships are a mirror of the Great Divine Spirit calling you to open up and surrender. Again, again and ever again. 

You have an illusion of safety, an illusion of risk, a fantasy of protection and a dream of fulfillment.

Safety comes from within. Safety always begins and ends from within.

Risk is a necessary action of deepened awareness and growth.

Fulfillment comes from honoring your own knowing within."