Thursday, May 27, 2010

Embracing the MYSTERY

While some occurrences on the physical plane make no sense, all make sense at the soul level.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I feel sad and lethargic today. It is hard to be of service to others when I am in this place. I also feel guilty knowing how much poverty and tragedy surround me. I know that I am fortunate in many ways even though my heart is heavy with injustice. I bring this to Mary and my guides for inspiration and comfort. I also feel the presence of my mother and my father with me.

“My child, you are loved, you are known, you are seen and heard. We are here for you. You have the rare privilege of knowing and experiencing, on the soul plane, what most do not know on the physical plane. With these mystical gifts and privileges come great sacrifice and pain. Often to experience the deepest joys, you will experience the deepest grief. This is the way of the mystic and the soul’s journey in honoring and embracing your Divine destiny.

Some answers and reasons for these happenings on the physical realm may not be clear. But, all these happenings have a reason in the soul and spiritual realm.

Nothing has occurred on the physical realm without purpose and opportunity for soul work to be done. As you embrace this mystical wisdom, you will see, know and experience the greater vision, purpose and Divine destiny for all things.

The desperation, loneliness and hopelessness, too, have their purpose. These physical sensations bring you to us. These physical sensations also allow you more vivid visions of your soul’s destiny. These physical sensations also allow deeper and more profound knowing of the soul’s connection to all and purpose for all.

We all have sacrifice on the physical realm to experience great mysteries revealed and gifts embraced on the soul’s realm. Your comfort in times of darkness come in many ways including knowing that you are not alone and ancient companions accompany you.

You must also know that while some sacrifices occur on the physical realm, the soul’s work is being done for the greatest good of all involved.

There is nothing, nothing on the spiritual journey and the soul’s journey that is meaningless for those willing to surrender to a higher good in service for all, even when there seems no understanding of it on the physical plane.

We are with you and you are not alone.”