Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Power of Quiet

I am aware today of my Spirit Guides and Soul Partners calling me to "go with the flow." It's a challenge for me as I have always been one to get things done, coming from a family with a value for a good work ethic. Today, I am catching glimmers of understanding the difference between forcing an outcome through my own efforts and connecting deeply with Spiritual Resources, surrendering to the flow of Divine Guidance and taking actions that align with this flow. I am learning this distinction and feeling very excited as this wisdom seeps into my body, mind and soul.

In my prayer and meditation practice, I surrender to the moment and do my part to bring my consciousness into Divine Consciousness, releasing thoughts and fears that do not serve. As I release and empty myself to Divine Presence, I am able to receive the sense of Oneness and wisdom available to us all. In this moment, I surrender to the guidance of my Higher Power, God, Goddess and Spirit Divine knowing that as I stay present in the moment, I will see, hear, feel, and sense the abundance of Spiritual Guidance available to me. When I release concerns for my children, my own clients, my relationships with others, growing our wealth and making a difference in the world, I am then invited to follow the signs and guidance that comes to me. Surrender to the Holy Quiet and the Spiritual Flow offers me this amazing gift of Divine Connection. I am no longer "doing it on my own" but trusting that in the quiet, where I surrender, I can then receive and be guided in manifesting my desires and being of service to others.

Blessings to you as you surrender to the Quiet and follow your own Divine Flow!

June 20th

Often our most powerful action is quiet stillness.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I long to reconnect with someone I know and love that I have been out of contact with for a while. I know they do the best they can and yet I do not know how to be amidst their anger and criticism without taking it all personally. I ask all of my guides to assist me and make clear to me any action there is to take and they say,

“Your action is stillness and quiet. Your action is prayerfulness and surrender. Your action is willingness to do something and the courage to do nothing.

You are doing all there is to do. As painful as it is, often the action to take is quiet waiting in stillness. As you disengage from an old, painful dynamic, there is perspective and clarity and joy comes in time.

When we see ourselves clearly and embrace quiet stillness, our hearts are free to embrace, to hold, to heal and to ask forgiveness. In quiet stillness, the answers come.

You can pray for all these things. You can ask for all these things. You can wait for all these things and it shall be given to you in Divine time, in Divine ways and in Divine form.

Prayer for yourself and pray for this person you love. Pray for your connection and continue to act according to Divine inner guidance.

All is well. Trust. Share your love with this person, heart to heart and spirit-to-spirit in quiet stillness. Surrender and relax.”

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sensitive Spirits and Ancestral Healing

I think that those of us so sensitive often carry the pain and wounds of our families, our culture and our times. We must care deeply for our sensitive spirits and trust all to our Divine Source, seeking support and breathing deeply into the strength of the earth. Blessings, Sally

June 13th

We carry wounds for our ancestors and there is a time to let these go.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I woke up feeling sad. There is someone that I feel jealous of for a couple of reasons. I feel hurt, shame and left out. It’s been challenging for me. My self-esteem is attached outwardly to this situation and I feel powerless to change my belief and feelings. Mary says,

“The places of our greatest struggles are the places of our greatest gifts. Embrace these challenges, these struggles. Hold them close and near to your heart. Breathe into them. They will lead you deeply inside to the place of an original hurt, a message and you will understand.

It is in these places that grace and mercy will join you. You have the healing power to transform the age-old memory and belief, one that your ancestors passed down to you and that you have been holding for them all.

Spirit asks us to be healed in order that we are able to offer healing to other people. Breathe into this place and trust that as you release the old, even your ancestors will be healed.”

Friday, June 10, 2011

Releasing our longing, receiving our blessings...

June 10th

That which we long for the most will come to us when we release our longing for it.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Those things we desire most will often come to us when we surrender and release the desire for them. It is an energy healing system inherent in the universe for those seeking spiritual maturity. What needs healing from deep within will continue to come up over and over again when we seek the healing from the outside. Once we seek the healing from the inside and the focus is no longer on the outer source, that which we want flows naturally and unexpectantly to us. It is a lesson we continually bump up against for the purpose of our highest good and spiritual calling.

Joy follows despair and dawn comes after the darkness.

You are on a path and the intensity of its pain and frustration is signaling a breakthrough soon. It is a powerful, transformational breakthrough.

Continue to notice the intensity of feelings, the desire for outside approval, and the request for an outward fix to your inward pain. Continue to notice the challenge and wound that shows up over and over again.

Come to us and invite us to assist in the healing and mercy of your process.”

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Abundance in Spiritual Resources...

I am so blessed to be on this journey that keeps me searching and hunger for my own spiritual, emotional and financial wealth. Today's reading reminds us to honor and acknowledge the abundance of the Universe and keep our focus both within and in action without when it comes to attracting financial successes. Blessings for abundance in all areas, Sally

June 7th

Authentic abundance is a state of mind and consciousness from within.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Money remains a stressful issue in our family even though we have a strong and steady income. I see how belief around money makes the difference, not the amount of money earned. I bring this to my guides.

“What a wonderful and important lesson this is to learn. Abundance and true prosperity are a state of mind, a state of consciousness and a state of being. This is another opportunity to find fulfillment from within, to find direction and value and Spirit connection from deep within.

Often it is not until we have this vast perception, this vast consciousness held deeply within us, that we experience the physical manifestation of financial wealth and abundance. It may take a deep grieving of the fantasy lost and released. This fantasy that enough money will fill the emptiness inside will give way to the acceptance and pure joy of finding that sacred fulfillment within.

Find your joy within. Find your fulfillment within. Find your abundance within.”

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Claiming Divine Power

Today I brought a concern to my prayer and meditation practice. I asked for guidance and found myself drawn to Blessings From Mary and the reading today. The Divine Powers that be seem to remind me that they are available to me whenever I ask and want to fulfill the desires of my heart. What a blessings to be reminded of this. I hope it brings you the joy and comfort that it brought me today.

June 1st

Call to us and demand our attention. We gather to serve you.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I have a professional presentation and I feel scared. Will I do it right? Will I seek their approval or speak from my heart? Will they like me? I bring this to Mary and my guides this morning.

“Your courage and commitment to make a difference will be honored. We will be with you. Speak from your heart and trust your knowing from within. You will have allies of ancient and allies of present there to heal your fear and empower your words. Trust that all is well. Speak from all is well.

Trust your own thinking and power in this time. Embrace what is given through you in this time.

There is ease and a natural unfolding that happens. Flow with it all. Trust each moment as a moment to be present. Trust yourself in each moment and when you do not trust yourself in that moment, call us to you. Do not be timid in your need and want and demand for us

We are here for you. We are here for you.

Demand our attention. We bless you and as you allow Spirit to move through you, others are blessed as well.”