Monday, February 28, 2011

Embracing the Abundance of Spiritual Resources

In the journaling portion of the writing below, I see my own human perspective and some of the challenge on the path. It's hard to feel "spiritual" all the time. Often it's too much for my human mind to truly embrace the abundance of spiritual resources but repeatedly, my guides call me to believe in the wealth of connection available to us all. Simply showing up in my prayer and meditation practice accesses the amazing and inspiring mystical realm. Below is the meditation for February 28th. I hope it inspires you today.

To be a disciple of the spiritual life, you must come to us often.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Sometimes I feel far removed from my spiritual guides and spiritual center. With all the things to do in a day and in my life, connecting in a real way to my spiritual allies and friends seems like a fictional story and not a reality. I come to Mary and my guides with this apathy and these doubts today. Mary smiles and says,

“Even though you feel far away from us, you are near always in our souls and hearts. We hold you and carry special blessings to you even when you do not know it. We are here always and we love you completely.

Like all things of value, effort and discipline are involved. To be a disciple of our own spiritual unfolding, there is daily practice, focus and discipline. When you meet us daily and moment-by-moment, our connection will be easy and simple to enter into. When you withhold yourself from our daily, regular connection, there is time for resignation, frustration, doubt and self-will to enter. More time is necessary to reenter the realm of ease and communion with us.

There is great self-love that comes from allowing us to bless you moment by moment. From these continued blessings from us, you will give to others from your fullness within.

Come often. Come easily. Come.”

Monday, February 7, 2011

Immediate Gratification

I want immediate gratification and results in my life. I always have and probably always will experience a sense of urgency and restlessness inside. It's one of the reasons that the Four Step Process to a Unique Prayer and Meditation Practice in BLESSINGS FROM MARY is so welcome and special to me. The four steps are:

1. CREATING the CEREMONY with INTENTION followed by
3. SWITCHING THE ENERGY and last but not least

Each step is about honoring ourselves by taking the time to create the space, being honest about what we bring to the process, turning our challenges and ego over to our Spirit Guides and Divine Source and then practicing, practicing and practicing more.

The practice is five out of seven days a week. I am gentle with myself when I miss that consistency and give myself permission to go often to the circle with a candle and sage. I give myself permission for this unconditional love and connection with the Divine.

Taking this time for myself is an act of love and care. We can increase our capacity to love ourselves as we develop consistency with this practice or any consistent prayer practice that we have. Immediate gratification comes over time. We begin to integrate the belief that we are worth the time to take and receive the unlimited spiritual love available to us as we bring ourselves to this practice over and over again.

Love and blessings on your journey, Sally

April 25th

Allowing yourself to dwell with Spirit is a great act of love for all.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Abundance in Spiritual Resources...

At times I am frustrated with my own focus on me. I want to be acknowledged, validated, heard and judge that I am giving more than I am receiving. I'm embarrassed with my own immaturity and yet I know honesty with myself is the beginning of changing these old thoughts and beliefs. I know there is a Spiritual Solution to this. When I look outside myself for fulfillment, I set myself up for disappointment. If I am committed to spiritual and emotional maturity, then the daily discipline of my own PRAY and MEDITATION practice is the only resource that can really heal these old wounds and hurts inside. Today I am reminded that the Spiritual Resources available to all of us are without end and as I bring myself to my Spiritual Source and allow myself to receive healing, I am able to assist in directing others to this magnificent resource. This is from "Blessings From Mary" on September 6th shared with you in humility.

All that you have to offer others comes first from loving, nourishing and trusting yourself.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I feel excited today with the stirring of this spiritual connection inside of me, I am given messages and gifts based in my own experiences especially through the challenges and struggles. I bring this to Mary and my guides today.

“Hear us now. We are here for you and our message is to be shared through you.

We say, ‘trust yourself.’ There is a time when the unraveling of addictive tendencies of mind, heart and body is complete and then the beginning of profound spiritual connection occurs. This connection happens with self, with Spirit, with the communities of soul partners and with the masses waiting to hear these spiritual messages.

Do you understand? This is part of your message. These are lessons you are to teach others.

Begin with self. Selfishly focus on self, nurturing sobriety, nurture abstinence and allow the emptiness inside to be filled with Spirit and Divine connection.

Then you will receive the messages to share with others. Your gifts and unique purpose will be made clear and your energies will be used for service. This is the message and lesson you will bestow on those with ears to hear and hearts to receive.

Follow this guidance. Trust this process and the ways in which you are being called. All are called in this way and many will answer this call.

We are here for you. Share this message with others.”