Monday, March 28, 2011

Loving our Darkness invites the light.....

There are moments when I wonder if old resentments, jealousy, fear and blame will always be with me. As I mature in my own spiritual and emotional intelligence, joy and fulfillment are more a part of my thinking, feeling and behaving, yet, there are moments when old resentments and jealousies surface.

On this journey of embracing Sacred Feminine Spirituality and deepening my own connection to living my Divine purpose, I am reminded that I can not become what I truly desire unless I am willing to honestly embrace my own humanness. I must begin by being with "what is" and especially with "what I resist." Then I embrace and love myself in this darkness. The old jealousies, resentments and wounded thinking are the places calling forth my deepest love and mercy.

Here is the reading from BLESSINGS From MARY on July 25th. It speaks to the continued honest acknowledgement of our shadows and character defects. From this self honesty, we are able to embrace and love our own darkness. We then surrender to Divine mercy and healing.

July 25th

Loving our darkness invites the light.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I thanked Mary today for choosing me as her messenger and brought her my gratitude and humility. Mary responds with,

“I have chosen you as you have chosen me. As you come to us you will clear the space so that you can receive from us the blessings and messages to carry in the world. As you have cleared out past patterns and pains from your own soul work and embraced your own unique spiritual path, you’ve chosen me. With that, you have chosen your purpose and you’ve chosen your destiny.

It is all a result of your surrendering to Divine Source. It is all a result of doing your part to embrace and release the places of pain and hurt. From deep within our greatest challenges come and from deep within, our unique and most profound gifts also come.

Do you see? Loving the darkest places within allows for the transformation into blessings and mercy for all. This is your soul work to do. As a result, you’ve invited us in. Now is the time to take these messages to others to bring them to light, blessing and mercy for their darkest places. Each has their own unique messages to share with others as well.

You have chosen me. I have chosen you. Together we manifest gifts and blessings for all. It is part of Divine destiny, my sister, my child, my friend.”


Friday, March 18, 2011

Feminine Divine Presence

March 18th

Allow yourself the blessing of our presence at all times.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

In this daily meditation, I am reminded that Divine Energies are available to me whenever I choose to allow myself this gift. I simply sit in my own prayer and meditative state and invite my Spirit Guides to embrace me. There is something profound and yet very simple about this experience. It requires me to accept that there are unlimited spiritual resources available to me. It is my choice to receive them. It requires a high level of self-esteem as well as bold humility; a humility that sees myself worthy of receiving Divine guidance and capable of sharing them with others.

Today I allow myself the profound experience of spiritual connection. I call upon my guides and Spiritual Source to guide and embrace me with the sweet knowing that I am loved. The gifts that I receive from this connection are mine to use for blessing and service.