Monday, June 29, 2009

Reflections and Awareness

March 8th

"All difficulties we judge in others are a reflection of ourselves."

Mary Magdalene

Today I struggle with my own jealousy and internal demons. There is a woman that I love, but also feel jealous of. I see her in many different circles in my life and do not like how she triggers me. I bring this to Mary and my guides today.

My guides speak,

“We see ourselves in all places. There are mirrors everywhere. When we choose to look into the mirror and intend for honest self-reflection, great gifts will come. Remember, as you see yourself clearly and learn deep and lasting love and compassion for all you see, this deep and lasting love will spring forth from within. You will offer this healing and freedom to others.

This woman you know reflects you. This woman you love, yet there are more wounds that require draining. What you see in her is a wound in you that requires lancing. Lance with love. Lance with care. Lance with gratitude and allow the healing and blessings to come forth. As you surrender to us with the intention of healing and service for all, there will be purification and wisdom given.

Trust what you see and know just as she comes from a wounded place, so do you. Love this place inside yourself and let that compassion flow to her as well.

Embrace the wound. Experience the healing and the gifts that come.”

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

   I think most of us have had an experience of the Divine, whatever we choose to call this Higher Power. We have all had the experience of knowing there is someone or something greater than ourselves and we rely on and often, pray to, this Being. Some of us have even had profound spiritual experiences in which for a moment or even a few moments in time, we were privileged enough to seemingly connect with the Sacred. There were synchronicities and serendipitous moments that could only be explained through acknowledging a miraculous touch of Divine Spirit. 

   How do we increase these momentous occasions? How might we design our lives in such a way that profound spiritual experiences become a daily happening? The answer, I believe, is through a prayer and meditation practice. Whatever that is and however we design it to suit our spiritual longings, doing this on a regular basis increases our capacity to experience Divine connections. Practice sitting and breathing just 5 minutes a day. Experiment with what works for you. Light a candle. Burn some sage. Bring a Journal or meditation book to read from. It's up to you. 

    As you do this over time, you will begin to increase your own capacity to encounter the Divine. Your brain and your spirit will begin to expect these sacred connections to happen. Breathe deeply and get ready. 

   Here is some of what my guides speak to me in those moments of Sacred Encounter~

Trust all the souls that touch you deeply and look for the gift of their offering.

Mary Magdalene

“This is your purpose. Tell others all the answers are within. Seek deeply within yourself the places that speak to you. Seek deeply within your self your own voices and whispers.  Seek deeply within you the desires that inspire and move you.

Connect with people, places and experience that move you deeply and create gratitude and clarity for you in your life. 

Look for the souls that you know deep within. 

Welcome the souls who touch you deeply.  You will see in their eyes that they know you too. 

Trust this connection.

Trust this knowing.

Trust this seeing.”