Friday, July 29, 2011

from dark to light...

As a certified Shadow Work facilitator, I honor our darkness, our patterns of dysfunction, our woundedness and our shadows. It is in these pent up energy balls that so much vitality is trapped and deep and profound spiritual gifts abound. To enter into our darkness.

Loving our darkness invites the light.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“I have chosen you as you have chosen me. As you come to us you will clear the space so that you can receive from us the blessings and messages to carry in the world. As you have cleared out past patterns and pains from your own soul work and embraced your own unique spiritual path, you’ve chosen me. With that, you have chosen your purpose and you’ve chosen your destiny.

It is all a result of your surrendering to Divine Source. It is all a result of doing your part to embrace and release the places of pain and hurt. From deep within our greatest challenges come and from deep within, our unique and most profound gifts also come.

Do you see? Loving the darkest places within allows for the transformation into blessings and mercy for all. This is your soul work to do. As a result, you’ve invited us in. Now is the time to take these messages to others to bring them to light, blessing and mercy for their darkest places. Each has their own unique messages to share with others as well.You have chosen me. I have chosen you. Together; spirit, body and mind, we manifest gifts and blessings for all."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Art of Receiving....

As we mature in spiritual and emotional intelligence, we learn to receive from others and from our Divine Source. In allowing ourselves the necessary gift of receiving blessings from the outside, we expand our own capacity to be of service to others and manifest our own dreams from within. The art of receiving begins in an authentic relationship with a Divine Source. This is the meditation from "Blessings From Mary" that I hope will inspire and encourage you to receive more and more abundantly:

January 17th

Divine flow is available to all, but few have the discipline and courage to receive this sacred gift.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I feel both thrilled and unworthy of this time with my guides. I know that there are soul partners waiting and available for each soul on the planet, but I wonder why only some answer this call. I feel deep sadness about this and wonder if there is anything that I can do. I bring this today to Mary and my guides.

“There is a flow within and without you that connects you to the Divine. It is a flow that you will find when you go within. It is there for you all the time. It will require that you come to yourself: daily, weekly and moment to moment. It will be most beneficial to you when you least desire connecting with the Divine Energy Flow to connect with the Energy. Still it is the time to connect so that your sense of peace and love will be restored.

This Divine flow is available to all, but few allow themselves this sacred gift. The skill to connect comes with practice and after some time of clearing away what gets in the way.

There is a time of grieving. There are times of anger and frustration. There are times of learning about self and seeing the world as a mirror. There are times of choosing new thoughts and letting go of the past. All of this takes time, energy and attention.

When this process is completed, one is able to connect easily with the Divine flow. It is a connection that comes in the quiet, but can be learned when outer noise is present as well. It is a connection that allows a flow, the Divine flow, to enter and create ease. It is a connection with deep breath and a calmness of mind.

Come to the flow and feel it as it enters your mind, breathe it deeply into your cells and experience connection to the Divine.”