Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Frustration, transformation and abundant resources.

Let the barriers and frustrations in your life become the places we soothe and comfort you.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“This is work for you to do in order to prepare for service in the world. This is the place as you continue to embrace and surrender that you will find yourself over and over again. As the tension and frustration build, so will the intensity of transformation and break thru in your being.

Continue to embrace the deeply felt commitment to serve. This barrier of ego that seems to remain has gifts for you. This barrier becomes your light house as you follow the energy and surrender to Divine transformation. 

This barrier becomes your healing oil and salve that soothes as you surrender to Divine healing.

This barrier is the place in which great healing will occur and the gifts from here will be great as well.

The gifts come from your very own surrender into the deepest wounds of your being and the compassionate, discernment and insight form here will be profound.

We are most present during frustration and deep despair. Bring these places to us and allow the frustration and despair to open a place in which you are able to deepen into transformation and embrace sacred holy ground.

We are here for you. Come to us and let us sit together in this place. Let your frustration become the places in which we meet and hold together that which can only transform with Divine intervention."

My gratitude is great today. I know that when I choose to "stretch" beyond what has been comfortable or familiar, I may encounter internal barriers; barriers that keep me connected to what is familiar and common. It is during these moments when I can do my part only, surrender these difficulty and ask for Divine intervention. It is such great comfort for me to know that I am not alone in my spiritual journeying. 

There are human and divine resources abundantly available to me. Nature will also support and empower my sojourn into the realms of service and contribution. 

 Today I have the courage to utilize these resources. Blessings on your journey.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Honoring Sacred Self

Authentic self love is the greatest combatant to oppression and injustice.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

    Attending to our own Sacredness within is an essential step in living an authentic life of service and contribution. I think most of us want to have a positive impact in the world. Those of us on the journey of spiritual and emotional intelligence seek ways to heal ourselves and then offer healing to others. Most of our religious traditions, even though we may not participate actively today, had a focus on giving to others. Growing up catholic certainly attests to this. As a child, I recall our learning about those who were hungry and experiencing injustice and our responsibility to attend to them. My own family modeled outreach on a regular basis to those who needed assistance in our own community. 

   With this upbringing, there was also a insinuation that focusing too much on ourselves was, well...selfish and wrong. As a young girl our religious teachings and stories were about focusing on others, feeding the hungry and clothing the poor. 

   Today I appreciate the learning I received around these teachings. After all, there are poor among us and having instilled within me a care and compassion for others is honorable. Today, I also believe that we must honor our own sacredness and care for ourselves above all us and from this fulness within, we give abundantly to others. It's still risky for me to say this, however, since some still think this is selfish behavior. 

   While it's not a complete departure from the teachings of my religious upbringing, it is a slight departure and a substantial addition. I believe to truly attend to the needs of another and be of service in a profound capacity, I must attend first to my own physical and spiritual well-being. In doing so, I learn to give from spiritual and emotional maturity, completeness that honors my own authentic relationship with the Divine. When honor the sacredness of self first, my motives are clear. My giving doesn't come out of duress or fear of reprisal but of conscious choice and desire to serve. 

When we honor our own sacredness and give to others from this fullness within, we honor the sacredness of others and the difference we make is most profound. To love self is a courageous act of service for all. 

Blessings on your journey. 


Monday, September 10, 2012

Navigating our spiritual journey

Action with an intention to serve will birth miracles.
                                                                             Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I know that an intention to serve others connects me to Divine flow and opens doors to experience synchronistic events. When I follow this flow and see these synchronistic events as part of the guidance to serve, I am able to accomplish what I set out to accomplish. Unfortunately, unhealthy ego, old messages and life's challenges can get in the way. My mind can steer me away from my heart and soul's intuitive direction and I get sidetracked.

When we heal ourselves and do the personal work that clears out our wounded history, teaches us to confront our own addictive patterns and opens us to a spiritual connection, we become free and ready to serve. In service we find our Divine purpose, but first we must allow ourselves to heal and find empowerment through our pain. 

The discipline of the spiritual life is difficult. There are ups and downs and the journey is not even, smooth and always direct. If we do not give up on ourselves and continue to surrender what we confront along the way, especially our own internalized shame and fear, a way will be shown. Faith during these times will help. 

Today my intention is to be of service to others and to love myself boldly and unabashedly as I navigate this journey. I give to myself the kind and generous parenting and guidance also the path that I have always longed to receive. In my unconditional love and support of me, I come home to myself and I find my way.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The power to create....

One must experience attachment in order to experience the ability to surrender.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“It is easy to be attached to an outcome, but to be free of attachments and surrender to Divine Spirit, this is an art. This is the practice that creates freedom, clarity and abundance. This is the practice that allows for the great spiritual energy to come in and move all things to allow for synchronicity and miracles.

You are wise and courageous to see and own your attachments. In fully embracing them, you are able to fully release them as well.

You must have one to have the other. There must be attachment to experience surrender. They are all one. They are all part of the spiritual journeying. They are a part of the deepening growth that comes over time.

Allow the attachment to connect you to Divine Source in surrender.
We are here for you.”

Today I pray for the courage to LISTEN to my own power to create through intuition and inner guidance. I know that to truly manifest the desires of my heart, I must be disciplined - like a warrior - to release what no longer serves me and embrace direction that comes through my own meditation practice and connection with Spirit. It's not a magical happening, it is mature woman, being willing to give up her own fantasies of how things should look or be in order to change (which is the greatest fear for most of us) my life to honor Divine whispers. Comfort is over rated, but many of us choose what is familiar because of our addiction to comfort, rather than honoring the guidance within that comes to assist us in the right use of our souls.

Caroline Myss writes and speaks so eloquently about Learning to Create. Check her work out at www.myss.com.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Connecting with our ancestors, father loss, family of origin, metaphysical, transcendent, prayer and meditation

Having experienced loss at an early age set me up for a strong spirit connection, especially with those that have transitioned from our physical world. I remember as a first grader in Catholic school asking Sister Leonice during religion class if I would see my father when I died and went to heaven. "Would he be waiting for me?" I said. 

She paused before she answered, probably moved by a six year old's earnestness and asked us all to close our eyes. "Even though you can't see me, you know I'm here right?" she asked. We all, I presumed, silently nodded. It wasn't really a direct answer to my question, but I judge it was the best she could do with just a moment's notice. 

My father suddenly died when I was only 15 months old. There was a huge emotional void in my large Italian family. Within two months of his sudden passing, my mother's oldest sister and mother also died. Coming from a big extended family in a small midwestern town meant that I saw aunts, uncles and cousins on a daily basis. I felt the spirit of those relatives that died everywhere and people often spoke of my father and grandparents to me. We visited the cemetery weekly during the summer and early fall and there was a baseball field memorial in my dad's name. 

No wonder I am a mystic, so connected to spiritual things, open to souls that have transitioned from this physical world and one who seeks guidance from metaphysical resources every single day.

I'm playing a game with my father these days. Keep in mind my relationship with him is purely transcendent. The root of the word transcendent means 'crossing over' and so I am crossing over to his world and he is crossing back over to mine. I have appealed to him to assist me and mentor me in some business projects. It's the least he can do given he's been physically unavailable for over 51 years. He says he will help me, but there are some things I must do as well.

This is going to be interesting. Since I've made public this daughterly demand on my deceased father, I'm going to be accountable to the results. So far, he has asked me to come to him daily in prayer and meditation and ask him for guidance. He was a very successful businessman, except for the dying suddenly without financial provisions for my 
mother. She'll have to work that out with him herself. My unresolved issues with my father include missing out on the sense of security and protection that a fatherly,  masculine energy provides, experiencing ongoing encouragement and mentoring in sports, finances and whatever I decide to accomplish and being given confidence to achieve whatever I desire having a strong, loving daddy present who has my back. I'm claiming these inalienable rights, as a daughter, now.

So, I'll keep you all informed, for those few who may be interested. Mostly my writing in a chronicling for myself. 

Here is a quote from BLESSINGS FROM MARY that affirms this interesting journey and a picture of me at just a year old three months before my dad died;

April 16th 
Our ancestors gift us with much to offer others.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I miss my mother and father and all my aunts and uncles that have died. I often think of my childhood and though I felt lonely, I also had a sense of belonging in my Italian family. My aunts, uncles and cousins are a part of me forever and I feel their energy when I sit down to write.

“Your ancestors are part of your offspring. They give your life meaning. They give your life rootedness. Your ancestors speak wisdom into your life, if you will listen. All of your ancestors have gifted you. Look for the gifts.

In their own struggles, they have gifted you. In their own traditional ways, they have gifted you. In their sober, hardworking ways, they have gifted you. In their harshness, they have gifted you. In their absences, they have gifted you.

As you find the gifts of your own woundedness and pain, you will find the blessings of your ancestors. You will now become the gifter and the bestower of the blessings.”

Monday, August 13, 2012

Soul Partners

When I experience discomfort with an interaction with someone I know or a stranger I meet, I choose to hold the interaction with a divine perspective. As I daily surrender myself to a spiritual journey and commit to continued growth and maturation, I know Spirit allows for this healing to sometimes come in unexpected ways. It takes conscious courage to consistently look within for what is being mirrored to me when I am triggered, angered or disturbed. Many blessings to all of us who choose this courageous path of responsibility, co-creation and emotional/spiritual intelligence. 

August 16th                                                                           

Trust the souls that come your way that touch you deeply. They bring a unique offering and gift for you.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“This is part of your purpose. Tell others all the answers are within. Seek deeply within yourself and trust the places that speak to you. Seek deeply within yourself your own voice and whispers. Seek deeply within yourself the desires that inspire and move you.

Connect with people, places and experience that move you deeply and create gratitude and clarity for you in your life.

Look for the souls that you know deep within.

Welcome the souls who touch you deeply. You will see in their eyes that they know you too.

Trust this connection.

Trust this knowing.

Trust this seeing.

Each connection that moves you from within has a gift for you on your Soul’s journey to healing and maturity. Look for the gifts and offer your gifts to them as well.”

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Seeking Help, Surrender, Support

July 18th
Surrendering our frailties opens us to Divine power and wisdom.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

There is a balance between what I can do and what I must surrender for Divine intervention and healing. In my spiritual practice, I learn to keep my emotional, physical, relational, financial and spiritual life full of integrity and harmony. I do my part. I take responsibility for these areas of my life.

There are some aspects of each of these realms, however, where it is necessary to ask for help and recognize that the outcome is out of my control. During these moments of discernment, I seek spiritual guidance and support. If I have done my part and adjusted my behavior, then often times a spiritual solution is called for and, I, in my humility and wisdom, seek it. This often occurs for me when I am personally challenged with a behavior in my relationship with myself or another that I simply cannot seem to change on my own. Knowing some wounds/shadows run deep or accepting there are karmic energies beyond my understanding and control has been necessary. I seek a Power greater than myself in these times.

Today a friend called for support. She and I have had a close and challenging, at times, relationship. As I listened to the situation for which she was troubled, I recognized a pattern that I have seen in her life, relationships and even in our friendship emerge again. When she asked for my feedback and perspective in the situation, I gave it to her straight. I told her from my perspective she was "running away" again from a difficult situation because she was scared and her justification for doing so is that the other persons involved are bad and wrong. So many gifts emerged from this situation for me.

First of all, asking for help and knowing we need a community of support is essential to living an honest, fulfilling life. My friend's reaching out for help gives me the courage to do the same when times call for it. 

Secondly, we cannot see the deep patterns and shadows of our own wounds on our own. We need one another to help. To ask for feedback from someone who knows us well and be open to hear an honest assessment is a testament of courage and self-love in action. My friend has inspired me to remember that I need other people, too, and my commitment to spiritual and emotional maturity is stronger than my ego need to be right or "look good" on the outside. 

Lastly, these deep shadows and patterns of survival that we carry within us are reenacted in our lives and relationships with others. Not only do we need people in our lives that love us with all these shadows in tact, but also we must have a spiritual connection that we can seek assistance from and release these pattern to in the hopes of healing. While sometimes Spirit speaks to us through those that love and know us intimately, the real miracle comes from surrender to this Higher Power and allowing transformation within so that we can change the survival patterns and live the live we deeply desire. 

Asking for help, receiving honest feedback and seeking Spiritual intervention are foundations for living a full and spiritual centered life. How wonderful that we have the choice to create this in our lives and to live authentically. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tension~Mary Magdalene~Sacred Feminine~Soul's work

      To celebrate struggle seems a paradox in my understanding of the spiritual journey. I also realize that understanding the spiritual journey isn't always possible. At times, there is simply surrender to the journey of my soul's work. In seeking a deeper understanding of what it means to celebrate, however, I see the origin of the word means "to honor" and this makes some sense to me. When I experience myself struggling or frustrated in my life, not sure the direction to take or how to move forward, holding this energy with care and honor may be the exact action to take. I can hold myself, my life's work and my spiritual journey with honor and celebrate that there is a power greater than myself, perhaps many angels and saints, that celebrate and honor my journey as well. The journey is joyful and sometimes tense-filled  but I know that I am not alone in celebrating it.

June 11th
Celebrate the tension and struggle of your soul’s work.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“So often the human saints and angels that love and have loved you on earth desire to protect you and keep you from feeling the challenges of growth, tension and maturity that come from the spiritual path.

We want, like you, to see those we love fly free and fly high, but often, this is not the path of life. The spiritual life gives room to the soul to do its work, to learn its lessons, to find meaning in the mistakes and struggles. The struggles and challenges provide tension to discover the deepness of one’s calling, purpose and desire. The tension and struggle of the soul’s work is the place the soul meets the Divine and finds meaning and wisdom for service.

Celebrate this challenge. Celebrate the soul’s wounded work and healing time. Celebrate each struggle known on this spiritual path. Transformation begins in struggle and happens in birth.

We are with you in this journey, cheering on the soul’s work, holding kindly the wounded little one and honoring the wisdom and gifts that will emerge.”

Monday, June 4, 2012

Answers within...

The answers seem to be the same for me; guidance comes from within as I dwell with Spirit. Intuition is deepened and actions aligned with my value of being of service to others are clarified in prayer and meditation. Many blessings to you on your own journey of spiritual and emotional intelligence. 

June 4th

Your sacred time with us will nurture your service to others.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“You have many gifts. Like a hungry bird, individuals will flock to you, one at a time. You will see them and recognize their hearts.

As you connect, heart to heart, with love and acceptance, they will ask for your wisdom and you will speak it to them with conviction and love. Your intuitive knowing will guide you. This knowing is nurtured, refined and learned during your sacred time with us. From our time together, you will speak with profound kindness to the exact place, with the exact words, at the exact moment for spontaneous transformation and healing to occur.

Trust your knowing. Trust your heart that sees and knows. Come to us to be filled, healed, guided and held. "

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Leadership and Spirituality

May 22nd                                                                       

Spiritual leadership has all that you want it to contain and all that you resist in your life.
 Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Leadership is about service. The foundation of sacred and holy leadership springs forth from the intention of service and love. Service and love mean surrendering our wounded egos. We can then hold these wounded places with great care and kindness. 

Leadership requires great humility; knowing we need the Divine for guidance and knowing we are called. It is our unique way to service. Leadership also calls us to bold and often unpopular action. Leadership requires us to speak what we see when no one else is willing and to take the risk of mirroring what no one else will mirror for the good of the greater community.

Leadership requires falling at the feet of the Divine Spirit and proudly receiving the blessings of mercy and the courage to go forth. Leadership has all that you want it to contain and all that you resist in your life."


Friday, May 11, 2012

transformation, sacred feminine, mary magdalene, dreams, manifestation, spirit

May 12th

Tension always precedes transformation and birth. Trust the tension.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

This is a message that I needed and wanted to hear. There are places of tension of in my life today; both emotionally and spiritually. I want clear answers and directions NOW and try as I might for force an outcome, the tension remains. 

In reviewing the original meaning of the word "tension" I learned that it comes from the Latin to "stretch." I have a dream that I have been nurturing for a couple of years now. When I detach from my own struggle around it, I can see how Spirit is stretching me spiritually and emotionally. I am being called to trust, surrender, release, receive and trust, surrender and release some more. 

While there is an outcome that I imagine, I am not sure of the exact direction and actions to take to manifest it all. The one thing that continues to hold me afloat is my own prayer and meditation practice. Daily I pray, meditate, breathe deeply, sometimes throw a temper tantrum, beg or demand; but eventually I come to surrender and survive another day. Recently I've heard an old saying, "When Spirit closes a door, a window will open but the hallway can be hell." 

To this I can relate. The hallway can be dark, smelly and never-ending as well.

Sacred Feminine energy and voice reminds me that "tension always precedes transformation" and this provides me comfort. I remember imaging my beautiful daughter and how excited I was to meet her during a very long and arduous birthing experience. I can rely on that experience to remind me that it was well worth the waiting. 

As women and men, we give birth in many ways to numerous projects, relationships, events, dreams and ways of being. Breathing deeply, doing what we can in the moment and trusting the process helps. 

Blessings to you on your journey. I know there are times and places where the tension has seemed unbearable in your life as well. Knowing there is light at the end of the hallway and that we are not alone always helps!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Lack, abundance and trusting Diving Source....

There is often a challenge to releasing old beliefs and allowing ourselves to experience, new more empowering belief systems. We must first acknowledge our attachment to what is familiar, even when what is familiar in our beliefs no longer serves our highest good. In this ownership, we then have the ability to release and let go; welcoming beliefs that serve our highest good and provide us the energy to share our gifts and contributions with others.

April 7th

A sense of lack is a lack of faith. There is no lack with Divine Source.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Hear this now. There is no lack where there is Divine Source. There is no running out of anything where Divine Source lives. There is no lack of money. No lack of food. No lack of time. No lack of energy. No lack of resource of any kind.

Your desire to remain attached to a belief of lack is your desire to remain in control of life and your own self-will. There is no such thing as lack. When you surrender to the abundance of the Source from which we all are connected, you will know this to be true. Abundance will then flow in all ways and flow consistently with lushness and miracles galore.

You must surrender this belief and forgive yourself for any attachment to past. This, too, is how you stay in lack. It is a lack of self-forgiveness, and a lack of belief in Divine plan. As imperfect as you are and have been on your journey, remember that your heart has been given over to Divine Source. We know this. Therefore, you shall claim Divine order and timing in all things.

Believe now in the abundant flow of all energies. Believe now in the Divine order of all things. All things.”

Friday, March 30, 2012

Look within....

It takes immense courage to go within for our guidance rather than seeking without. We must resist outward approval over inward nudging. Coming to a daily prayer and meditation practice assists us in this journey of going within for our guidance.

Spiritual answers come from within.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“You will feel alone at times. It is a solitary journey. There is an answer guiding your way, but it is inner whispers, not outer voices.Your answers come from within, from deep inside where your spiritual allies reside.

You will want to look outwardly. It will provide the illusion of connection and is easy for your ego to attempt to obtain approval from others. To stand with the discomfort internally and continue to look within for guidance, takes great courage and commitment.

Spiritual answers come from within. Wounded and immature ego answers are sought without. We guide from the inside out. We speak from the inside of the heart and you will know our voices as your spirit will be inspired, fulfilled and comforted.

Come inside to the quiet, sometimes uncomfortable tension of not knowing. Be still and allow us to guide you and whisper to you. We are here for you.”

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Honoring our own vibration

There is a knowing inside where our soul and spirit vibrates. Honor this knowing.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Today in my prayer and meditation I was seeking guidance in some projects in my life as well as in some relationships in my life. I am aware of the necessity for daily prayer and meditation so this is a regular practice for me. Interestingly, I found myself unable to relax and then in the middle of this meditation time, I got up and started to walk away. When I realized I was moving from my place, I stopped. I noticed that I was walking away from what was coming through my spirit as I sat still. Here is what my guides were saying to me. They were telling me that I am called to honor the vibration of spirit inside of myself. That I must share this vibration and wisdom for those who wish to receive it and I must let go of trying to "convince" those who do not wish to receive this wisdom.

Loving myself and honoring this passionate, life-giving vibration is my first priority. Nourishing the relationships that vibrate with me is next. Releasing in love those who do not wish to embrace this high vibration of the Divine is also important.

Following Divine guidance will call within us the action of letting go. Letting go of our own attachments to people, places and things. In place of the letting go comes a direct connection to Spiritual guidance and the synchronistic events that point us in the direction of manifesting a Divine, Spirit-filled life of abundance. We have a responsibility, as spiritual seekers, to receive this guidance and high vibrational energy. As we receive, so shall we give.

Blessings and love,


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Self-Love and Rites of Passage

January 31st

Rites of passage are mostly about loving self and this is a lifelong process.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Yes, you are right to call this a rite of passage. It is your journey to love yourself when you make mistakes and to take responsibility for your choices and risk hurting those you love. It is your path to own your mistakes without being a mistake. It is your path to own your shadows and to be able to love yourself through these challenging times and wounded places.

When you can have compassion for all of who you are and all of who you are not, when you can care gently for yourself, when your behavior has been careless and without discernment, when you can warmly welcome yourself back into your own arms, when you’ve behaved badly and hurt those you care deeply about, then you can offer this healing mercy to another.

This is your journey, dear sister. It is to love completely every crack and crevice of your soul that is dark and wounded and prefers to remain hidden. This is where the glory lies. From here, you will heal all those you touch.

Come to us. We will love you completely when you are unable to love yourself. Then do the same for others.”

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

There is no spirituality without discipline....

April 26th

Spiritual discipline during challenging times will reap grand results.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Come to us. There are great gifts to come when you honor your discipline and commitment to this prayer and meditation practice. This practice of coming to us and dwelling in our presence will bless you immensely.

Being spiritually disciplined during the best of times and easiest of environments reaps certain results. Being spiritually disciplined during the worst of times and most difficult of environments reaps certain results. The greatness and depth of the gift comes from the energy, focus and depth of intention put into it.

Trust this. Value and magnificence come with effort and intention.

Bless this time with us. Bless your effort, your challenges, bless the internal barriers and obstacles, bless the rewards reaped and received.”