Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Frustration, transformation and abundant resources.

Let the barriers and frustrations in your life become the places we soothe and comfort you.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“This is work for you to do in order to prepare for service in the world. This is the place as you continue to embrace and surrender that you will find yourself over and over again. As the tension and frustration build, so will the intensity of transformation and break thru in your being.

Continue to embrace the deeply felt commitment to serve. This barrier of ego that seems to remain has gifts for you. This barrier becomes your light house as you follow the energy and surrender to Divine transformation. 

This barrier becomes your healing oil and salve that soothes as you surrender to Divine healing.

This barrier is the place in which great healing will occur and the gifts from here will be great as well.

The gifts come from your very own surrender into the deepest wounds of your being and the compassionate, discernment and insight form here will be profound.

We are most present during frustration and deep despair. Bring these places to us and allow the frustration and despair to open a place in which you are able to deepen into transformation and embrace sacred holy ground.

We are here for you. Come to us and let us sit together in this place. Let your frustration become the places in which we meet and hold together that which can only transform with Divine intervention."

My gratitude is great today. I know that when I choose to "stretch" beyond what has been comfortable or familiar, I may encounter internal barriers; barriers that keep me connected to what is familiar and common. It is during these moments when I can do my part only, surrender these difficulty and ask for Divine intervention. It is such great comfort for me to know that I am not alone in my spiritual journeying. 

There are human and divine resources abundantly available to me. Nature will also support and empower my sojourn into the realms of service and contribution. 

 Today I have the courage to utilize these resources. Blessings on your journey.