Monday, June 11, 2012

Tension~Mary Magdalene~Sacred Feminine~Soul's work

      To celebrate struggle seems a paradox in my understanding of the spiritual journey. I also realize that understanding the spiritual journey isn't always possible. At times, there is simply surrender to the journey of my soul's work. In seeking a deeper understanding of what it means to celebrate, however, I see the origin of the word means "to honor" and this makes some sense to me. When I experience myself struggling or frustrated in my life, not sure the direction to take or how to move forward, holding this energy with care and honor may be the exact action to take. I can hold myself, my life's work and my spiritual journey with honor and celebrate that there is a power greater than myself, perhaps many angels and saints, that celebrate and honor my journey as well. The journey is joyful and sometimes tense-filled  but I know that I am not alone in celebrating it.

June 11th
Celebrate the tension and struggle of your soul’s work.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“So often the human saints and angels that love and have loved you on earth desire to protect you and keep you from feeling the challenges of growth, tension and maturity that come from the spiritual path.

We want, like you, to see those we love fly free and fly high, but often, this is not the path of life. The spiritual life gives room to the soul to do its work, to learn its lessons, to find meaning in the mistakes and struggles. The struggles and challenges provide tension to discover the deepness of one’s calling, purpose and desire. The tension and struggle of the soul’s work is the place the soul meets the Divine and finds meaning and wisdom for service.

Celebrate this challenge. Celebrate the soul’s wounded work and healing time. Celebrate each struggle known on this spiritual path. Transformation begins in struggle and happens in birth.

We are with you in this journey, cheering on the soul’s work, holding kindly the wounded little one and honoring the wisdom and gifts that will emerge.”

Monday, June 4, 2012

Answers within...

The answers seem to be the same for me; guidance comes from within as I dwell with Spirit. Intuition is deepened and actions aligned with my value of being of service to others are clarified in prayer and meditation. Many blessings to you on your own journey of spiritual and emotional intelligence. 

June 4th

Your sacred time with us will nurture your service to others.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“You have many gifts. Like a hungry bird, individuals will flock to you, one at a time. You will see them and recognize their hearts.

As you connect, heart to heart, with love and acceptance, they will ask for your wisdom and you will speak it to them with conviction and love. Your intuitive knowing will guide you. This knowing is nurtured, refined and learned during your sacred time with us. From our time together, you will speak with profound kindness to the exact place, with the exact words, at the exact moment for spontaneous transformation and healing to occur.

Trust your knowing. Trust your heart that sees and knows. Come to us to be filled, healed, guided and held. "