Friday, December 26, 2008

Each and every experience contains a blessing.....

Today I come to Mary and feel her presence. I am open to her guidance and the ways in which she comes to me. She speaks, 

"I am here with you now. I am a thought and a breathe away. We wait for your invitation. We wait to be called into your heart, your soul and your spirit. We wait for you.

Our message to you today is about blessings. You are a woman open to the blessings of each and every experience.

The blessing from your pain.
The blessing of your anger.
The blessing of your fear.
The blessing through your generosity.

As you continue to trust each and every experience, not matter how dramatic or difficult; no matter how joy-filled or painful, you will receive the blessing that accompanies.

Your courage and willingness to see each experience as a spiritual one will, in fact, allow each experience to bless you. In surrounding yourself with this truth and embracing each experience in this way, you will be filled with spiritual connection and blessing."

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 9, 2008 Inspirational Message

When we judge another, we judge ourselves. It is this simple.  MM

Our judgements and opinions of another woman may elevate our thinking of her or lower our thinking of her. When our opinions and judgements elevate another, we are elevated. If our opinions and judgements lower or devalue another, we devalue and hurt ourselves as well.

It is simple to understand. It is often more challenging to live and incorporate in our lives.

It also takes time to develop awareness of our judgments and to train ourselves to choose our thinking and intend for elevating, honorable opinions of others. In this lesson, we learn humility and compassion for self and others.