Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Challenges and the gifts therein...

All experiences provide you with gifts that sometimes come through the challenge of it all.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

We are almost in London airport after a challenging trip. I feel relieved, tired, present and joyful. I surrender today and ask what Mary and my guides may have to say.

“We are always here for you. We adore you and support you and are available at each moment that you choose to turn your gaze to us. We are abundantly resourced, most especially for you.

All of your experiences provide you much needed gifts and teachings that can only be received through the challenges of it all. Nothing escapes our view. Nothing escapes our sense. Nothing escapes our energy field and intention for the good and wellbeing of those involved. We hold the spiritual evolution of your soul and spirit in our soul and spirit.

We are here for you. Look to us in joy. Look to us in challenge. Look to us in the ordinary moments of your life.This sacred union of spirits blesses you, but more significantly, it is given through you to enhance the lives of others.

Come to us. We are here for you.”