Friday, March 19, 2010

Spiritual Belonging

Breathe deeply, surrender all to us and walk the path. We are with you.

the wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I feel scared and anxious today and I want to blame another individual for my discomfort. Part of me wants to run away and another part of me wants to attack. I feel shame, fear, needy and alone like a small child. I want someone to rescue me and to feel safe and protected. I bring this to my prayer and meditation today.

‘We are here for you. You are welcome as child who needs a family. We are here for you.

You are welcome as an adult who is unsure of the path. We are here for you.

You are welcome as a lost child on your path and looking for direction. We are here for you.

The secret of walking the path is simple; walk the path.

There are many healings and wounding that will happen, and will move through you as you are walking the path.

There is a desire to manipulate, control or direct this path, but really all you are to do is walk it, come to us, surrender it all and trust.

All that needs to move through you, will move through you as you walk the path.

All that needs to find its way out or in or around, will. Just walk the path, one day at a time. Walk your path and trust.

We are here for you.”

Friday, March 5, 2010

Letting go.

On the journey of spiritual maturity, there are times of ending and letting go.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I have a choice to make and not sure what to do at this time. I know that either direction or choice I make has a consequence. I bring this to my morning meditation and prayer practice and ask for guidance from Mary and my guides.

“There is an Energy Law that supports all of your actions to source your spiritual journey.

Whenever a choice is made consciously by you and through Divine intervention on your behalf, there is a shift of energy and a shift of worlds.

Each time a choice is made to honor yourself by closing a door or direction that does not serve you, a new path will open and you will see the blessing and Divine synchronicity of your journey with us.

Whenever you make a choice to honor your own inner knowing and release an attachment to an outer focus, you will find the world shifts to bless your new energy.

You will receive outward signs aligned with your inward commitment.

Money will flow to you. Partnerships will deepen or will be birthed. Your dreams and passions will be given a new outward expression.

Those times of ending open new more fully blessed times. These times of opening and manifestation of your deepest desires, deepest dreams, and sharing of your sacred gifts will come. Where there is ending, there is always opening.

See how the flow happens. Welcome the endings and embrace the new beginnings of Divine Energy flowing through you.”