Thursday, October 1, 2009

Surrendering our Pain


Always attend to the inner world above all else.

the wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I am heading back from Africa. I arrive in Newark and head into Connecticut. I feel some fear about of my relationship with my husband. The stress of the back and forth is getting to me and I can feel myself wanting to withdraw, so I am aware of my fear today. I feel trapped too and this is when I create conflict with him. I bring this to Mary and my guides.

“This sense of being trapped and the instinct to run is the place for you to bring us. This is the place to embrace and dwell. This is the place to invoke the ancient healing energies waiting for your invitation. We are with you here. Allow us to come ~ to dwell ~ to heal.

These are the great gifts we unwrap through our connection to others. These wounds, deep, deep fight or flight wounds, only surface when things matter most. Your beloved matters most and this deep distressed message is embedded in the soul of a young and lonely child. But she is not alone any more. She calls to you and we are with you in this profound healing work.

Always, always attend to the inner world first and above all else. From here, your wisdom will guide your actions. Continue to bring this all to us.

Clarity will light the way.

The knowing and peace from within will surround all of your relationships without.

Trust that we are with you and as you dwell with this difficulty, we will heal and transform it all.