Sunday, August 30, 2009

Darkness and Light

Your journey into darkness reawakens your senses and allows the recognition of light.

the wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I feel agitated, judgmental, cranky, menstrual, etc. Very sad, on the verge of depression, etc. I feel lonely and hormonal.

Mary and my guides speak,

“Sometimes the rhythm of life calls for rest, deep breath, relaxation and surrender. It calls us to sit in quiet reflection or pulls us into the moment, uncomfortable as it may be. This is the call from us this day.

We are with you in these moments. We are with you in this tiredness, exhaustion, frustration, depression and aloneness. We are with you now.

Your journey into depression and darkness reawakens your senses and allows recognition of the other parts of the journey.

Joy, inspiration and the miracle of your life will also be more alive in you.

We bless you in all your seasons and rhythms.”

Monday, August 3, 2009

Trusting the Unknown and following our Desires.....

August 3rd

"To honor our deepest desires and passions within is to honor the divine."

Mary Magdalene

I’ve missed my meditation with Mary. I’ve stopped pursuing that which is most joyful within, perhaps it is all the traveling I've done, perhaps it is the season and rhythm of time, but I miss my peace, my joy, my passion in life. My confidence is low and shame and fear seem high. I have writing to do and service to share with others. I give myself to you dear Mary, dear divine being that Guides and Blesses me. How can I best be of service to those souls awaiting my guidance, my words, my vesseling of the divine?

Letting go is often like jumping off an icy slope not knowing when or what the bottom will be like. It is like jumping into deep, dark water having never swam there before and being uncertain of what lies beneath the glassy surface.

Surrendering to these places deep within will call us to honor our desires, our wants and move in the direction of our dreams. We are called this way even though we may not be familiar with the landscape before us. Each step may bring us to unfamiliar terrain, then the next step and the next step. For awhile, we may be in these unknown places and sometimes we do not know how long this roaming in the desert will last.

What feeds our soul? What nourishes our spirit? What energizes our body? These are the things which will lead us to our most profound expression of service, of the Divine.

To honor those yearnings within us is to honor the Divine.”