Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The origin of the word "miracle" means an object of wonder. I have experienced miracles this week.

I know the foundation of my own inner growth and spiritual surrender created a fertile ground for these miracles and still I hold and honor these happenings with great joy and reverence. As I scanned through my book "Blessings From Mary" I discovered there were almost 50 references to miracles in the text and many of these references to miracles begin with honesty and vulnerability.

Today I open myself to experiencing more "objects of wonder" as I surrender what does not serve, open myself to receive and continue to stay awake. I invite you to do the same.

January 11th

The simple act of meditation and prayer produces extraordinary results.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Today I am awed by how this simple time of sitting down and showing up for my prayer and meditation has yielded such loving and powerful connections with Mary and my guides. Part of me does not believe that I really deserve this time and another part is astonished at how simple and yet profound this practice has become for me. I give this all to Mary and my guides this morning.

“Yes, it is amazing how the simplest behaviors and practices in life are able to produce the most magnificent results. Sitting in the morning, lighting a candle and burning a bit of incense and sage are a simple yet profound ritual. Throughout time we all had practices, ceremonies and sacred spaces that we created with intention to invite holy presence. In this space and through this ceremony, we invite our most intimate spiritual allies to join us and to experience their energy, their mercy and their guidance.

Today we remind you that you deserve the miracles and blessings of abundance that are received from this simple practice of coming to us daily.

There are years and years, sometimes lifetimes, of soul work that is done to clear the emotional debris and embrace the gifts from our woundedness and history. We are here to remind you of your own courage in simply showing up, addressing your addictive patterns and pain and seeking sobriety and connection so that your spirituality can mature.

We remember times you surrendered your grief and shame and started your mornings on your knees seeking spiritual assistance.

With great humility and joy, we offer you these blessings and ask that you honor your own willingness and surrender to the highest good for all things. We honor your willingness and choice to surrender all of your life to us. These are the gifts received by your willingness to walk through your own pain and woundedness.

Simply showing up, with even a small trace of willingness and desire to be of service, over time, reaps the most magnificent of miracles."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ego Work versus Soul Work

I think that we are all wounded and have shadows and character defects and places in our lives that we wish were transformed. When we embrace our own humanness, we embrace compassion for humanity. One of my personal challenges has been to share my gifts in service and let go of needing acknowledgment. My ego looks for this validation often and it is a place of continued surrender for me. This is from April 18th in "Blessings From Mary."

Our soul’s work is to use our gifts for healing, not for feeding our ego.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Yes, the discipline and maturity of your emotional and spiritual gifts will provide you this insight. You will see more. You will notice more. You will understand more. This is a gift. This is part of your destiny in service. Honor and embrace this gift of discernment and sight.

The only difficulty comes from trying to convince another of your insight and your ability. This is where your wounded ego takes charge and where discipline comes in. You are responsible for using this gift to be of service to those you encounter. It is not intended to feed your ego by asking for acknowledgment and validation or to be used as a tool for confrontation and/or conflict.

This is your work. The opportunity to do this healing will come to you again and again until your only desire and action will be to use this gift in alignment with the highest spiritual service for all.

Do you see this? Come to us when these insights and revelations come to you. Offer it to us for guidance and discernment of the highest good and then surrender the outcome.

You will know what is next from here.”

Monday, April 11, 2011


Sacred Feminine Spirituality and Mary Magdalene

Clarity and Surrender

November 3rd

To gain clarity and guidance, you must be willing to risk being lost in despair.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I want to make a difference and want to learn how to surrender more each day. I continue to get pulled into other people’s dramas. I bring this to my meditation today. This is the inspiration I received from my connection with Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Feminine.

“My child, my sister and my brother. To live in the world and not be of the world requires a unique connection to Divine Creator and a spiritual maturity not often found in social circles. These soul supports will come and have come to unite with you on your journey, but you must see them with eyes of a mystic with the eyes of one who honors Sacred Feminine Spirituality.

Your feminine spirituality will continue to unfold on the mystical journey and clarity and wisdom will emerge. There will be rejoicing, as well as somber reflection and unification for the greatest good. Feminine Spirituality unites and celebrates this maturity and wisdom.

In your embracing of the Sacred Feminine, your Divine purpose will be made clear. You have been called to accomplish this through connection and reunion with the Sacred Feminine voice, which remains dormant in the souls of many.

Come to us for guidance. Come to us for inspiration. Come to us for assurance. Come to us for courage. Come to us for all that you need and want and all will be revealed to you. It is the simplest of messages. It is the most difficult of disciplines."

Monday, April 4, 2011


Today I am aware of some regrets I have. As I look back and think about what I might have done differently in this specific situation, I find it easy to "beat myself up" and dwell on what I wish I had done and did not do. I search my book, "BLESSINGS From MARY" and find this reading from October 23rd that I find comforting. I know today that I can not transform anything until I allow myself to be with it as it is. As I embrace my regret, I find hope and possibility for the present and future. Blessings to you as you find hope and possibility in any regrets that you have, Sally

October 23rd

Great gifts come from taking risks and making mistakes.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I am on a plane and heading overseas. I feel lonely for my guides and eager to get answers to questions posed a few days ago about when to speak, when to confront and when to be quiet. I bring this question back to Mary and my guides today.

“Your resources are plentiful and without limit. The time to know comes through quiet and meditation. Sometimes clarity for the right action comes after taking the wrong action. This is the way of learning and maturity. It comes in trial and error and in taking risks to react and respond without perfect clarity ahead of time.

There are great gifts that come only from making mistakes and taking risks. All helps to clarify where your purpose lies, what values are yours intrinsically and what difference you are called to make.

Come to us with these urges to speak. Come to us with this obsession to convince and be heard. Come to us with all the questions and confusion you may have.

As you surrender and open to the greater wisdom and guidance available, all will become peaceful and clear. We are with you always.”