Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ancient Mothers....

I was reading in my meditations received from my guides yesterday and read the most beautiful one from a year ago. Often after the inspirations are channelled, I do not remember them. This is a great blessing as I can go back a year or two and read them fresh and as though for the first time. 

A friend share yesterday about another woman who is a colleague of ours who is challenged with some health issues and there is much around her that is requiring attention as well. As I sent a note of support and encouragement, I remember this beautiful meditation given so generously to me that I had just read. It reminds me of the synchronicity and abundance available to us in the spiritual and soulful realms. I shared it with her and now I share it here with you as well.

Ancient mothers gather to nurture, bless and comfort you.

Mary Magdalene

“Today you are my daughter, my daughter of earth, soul and spirit. You are sacred daughter and the ancient mothers gather to nurture you, bless you, comfort you and guide you.

We are here to hold, to honor and embrace.  Sacred mothering requires a deep and lasting belief in the ancient resources of Spirit and Soul. 

We call together all that is needed and wanted when bestowing mercy and blessings as asked. 

We are here for you.

We are here for those you love. Your prayer for others, other daughters of Earth and Spirit, all are blessed by your prayer and intention.

It’s time to allow these blessings to come. It’s time to follow the guidances of ancient mother. We gather now to hold you, to intend with you, to bless and bestow mercy and courage on your heart and soul.

Our work is ahead and as you come to us dear daughter, we bless and anoint you with Sacred Mother to hold and guide, comfort and bless others.” 

Blessings to you as you open yourself to receive the ancient and abundant care of mother and father energy all around. 



Thursday, April 9, 2009

Faithlessness and Discouragement

There was discouragement in my spirit today and a sense of confusion. These are the times when I least wish to sit in prayer and meditation, opening myself to the Spiritual resources available. I've learned over time that this is the time that it is most important to bring myself to this spiritual place and commune with my Soul Partners and Spiritual Guides. 

When I arrived to my meditation, I was without hope. In the 15 minutes that I sat, took deep breaths and opened up to what might be available to me, I experienced both hope and joy. The simple discipline of sitting quietly and bringing myself, with intention, to my spiritual guides always transforms me energetically. Here is some of their encouragement to me, 

"Remember that discouragement is simply a moment without heart. As you come to us~open, willing and surrendered~your heart's vitality, your heart's longing and your heart's desire will be restored and renewed. 

Come to us. Offer to us your discouraged heart and allow us to bestow mercy, joy, faith and desire."

The very simple act of discipline, of coming to stillness with our Soul Partners brings to us the abundant comfort and connection that renews our spirits. 

This is the greatest wisdom that has been given to me. It is the constant nudging and fulfillment of spirit that is mine when I simple allow myself the quiet of meditation and prayer, calling upon my guides. 

For this I am grateful. With love, 


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Letting go of approval~

I am a middle aged woman with children, a husband, a couple of careers. Today I am committed to inspiring people to find their Holiness within. I am a writer and healer and teacher. In the last several years, I've been involved in a daily spiritual practice in which I've brought myself to a circle of Soul Partners and received channeled wisdom and comfort from these guides. It's all been written down and I am in the process of making these meditations public. I am also an international traveler and seen many different walks of life. In many ways, I am a seasoned and mature being on this journey of life and for all if it, I am very grateful. 

With all that I am committed to and all that I am up to in this world, with all that I have seen and done, I find I still seek the approval of others. I wonder if people will like me, what they will think of me, if they will see how special and talented and gifted I am or at least I think I am. It's embarrassing, really, to still want others to validate me so. This wounded ego gets tiring after a while. I get tired of my own self having to deal with such immature thoughts and feelings. 

When I have brought this particular challenge to my prayer and meditation practice, Mary Magdalene and my guides have been kind, but they have reminded me that I can not have it both ways. Here is some of what they say to me:

"There is really no way that you can follow your heart and live out your Divine Purpose while at the same time, seeking the approval of others. You will have to look and see which is more important-do you seek to be liked or do you seek to follow your soul and heart's calling from deep within? Often, there is only room for one thing. Seek not to be honored in the eyes of others. Seek to be honored and whole within your own heart and soul. This is true joy. This is true fulfillment. This is true peace."

There is a unique kind of courage that one has who truly seeks the answers within. To find these answers and follow their guiding means trusting that which is often unseen and known in the moment. Following this inner integrity means giving up the tangible pat on the back and comfort of being liked and approved of by those people we can see and hear and touch. It requires a faithfulness and internal maturity that comes from walking the spiritual path alone and often, experiencing the consequences of loneliness and banishment from the norm, so to speak. 

Mary Magdalene and our Spiritual guides will often call us into obscurity and isolation as a way of bringing the stillness of our souls and hearts out of obscurity and isolation. We are in the physical world but not of the physical world. In the quietness that gives up outside conformity and approval, we find ourselves. Once we have found ourselves, we find our soul partners as well. This is the journey of our authentic self and the path in which we find our Divine Purpose. 

I had a mentor once say, "If it were easy, everyone would be doing it."

Blessings on your journey, 



Friday, April 3, 2009

SEASONS for all things....

     Not long ago I was having difficulty letting go of a relationship that I knew in my mind and heart had long run its course. While I would continue to really love and care for this person, I knew that the energy that I bestowed was not received with the maturity and gratitude I deserved. I was giving and not receiving and while I think that charity and service are important values of mine, discerning these distinctions and having good boundaries in honoring my energy is essential. I was being used by someone and they did not possess the emotional and spiritual maturity to honor my energy and graciousness.
     I brought this to my prayer and meditation practice one morning, lamenting this woman and my own resistance to letting her go and honoring myself. Mary Magdalene and my guides spoke to me and reminded me that, "....there is a season to all things and in order to experience a new birthing, one must allow and welcome death."
     Wow. There was more they spoke to me as well. They reminded me that during the difficult times of letting go and embracing an ending or a death of sorts, I must come to them. In the feeding of my spiritual connection, most especially during difficult times, I would be feeding my own spiritual and emotional maturity. There was not a loss or death that my Spiritual Guides had not endured. Understanding and witnessing my grief in letting go would provide comfort and joy to me.
    I share this with you out of desire to be of service. Our spiritual connections begin within and as we honor and embrace this soulful journey, we come closer and closer to living authentically and expressing our Divine Destiny and Soul Purpose. 
    Breathe deeply and come to your own spiritual connection with your own unique set of Guides and Spiritual Companions. They are waiting for you. Your spiritual guides and soul partner are waiting to witness your grief in letting go as well as celebrating the seasons of birth and transformation in you life. There are seasons for all things.

   With love and in service of the Divine,