Friday, October 28, 2011

Direction from within....

October 29th

In the physical realm, you will often be misunderstood. In the spiritual realm, understanding and companionship is always available.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

”This soul purpose and expression of service that you have been called to does not require your approval or your understanding. This would be confirmation of your ego and self-will. Often there is no assurance of right action. During these times you will learn to trust and surrender to Divine mystery.

Divine intervention and the expression of your soul’s partners for the higher good of all involved come to you as you surrender on this journey. Often times, the higher good and higher purpose for all involved does not require you ‘feeling’ good and understanding it all. This is not your concern. Understanding, knowing the outcome, feeling good and assuring agreement from others is a form of ego protection.

Your desire to serve as you have been called and make a difference in ways beyond your understanding will continue to call you to surrender. It will also call you to a willingness to be misunderstood, disliked and without knowledge of outcome. You see, in the spiritual world, a soul’s work is often misunderstood, rejected and feared.

In time, while surrendering and trusting your spiritual and soul partners, the souls, hearts and spirits of all will resonate with the message and the gifts bestowed. There will be more to surrender along the way. There will be more opening of hearts and minds along the way. The masses will receive in their soul’s purpose and seek companions on their spiritual journey.

How, when, where, why or why not is not your concern. You are called, my sister, to this spiritual purpose and Divine destiny one step at a time. As you continue to surrender, the message and the wisdom needed will come to you. As you receive, so shall you give. There is no question of this path for you on the Spirit realm. As you continue to bring your doubts and questions to us, all will be served, calmed, inspired and comforted.

Continue to come to us. Come with angst. Come with doubt. Come with joy. Come with peace. Come. Come. Come.”

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Surrender attachments and embrace our deepest desires

I'm aware of the call to surrender each day. I surrender my way in service of another perspective and a Spiritual Perspective. I surrender who I thought I could count on consistently and replace this desire for connection with a closer spiritual connection and I surrender expectations of others in service of my attachment to a Spiritual Source. In doing so, I go within. I can trust that my deepest desires and passions are a form of communication from my own Higher Power and I follow this energy from inside my own heart and soul.

October 2011

If you want to be of service to others, pay homage to your deepest desires.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“There are so many ways that the wounding of the collective seeps into the religious and cultural learning of each generation. Learning to honor and embrace that which you feel passion for is something you are learning. The learning or relearning of this comes from messages received out of woundedness. ‘You should think of others first. You should work, work, work to get ahead. You should do what you are told.’

These messages will eventually cover the more innate and cellular beliefs about passion and service. Eventually we forget our passion and desire for service and try to do the right thing and be good.

Listen now. Honor your passions above all else. Pay attention to that which gives you joy and fulfillment. Remember your desire to serve and contribute to others will be fed by that which you feel the most passion and joy. It is in knowing, embracing and fully honoring these innate yearnings inside that all else falls into place.

Your desires fulfilled allow for more service to others. When you honor your deepest passions, you are free to share your greatest gifts with others. Your commitment to live from within and inviting fulfillment creates abundance and guidance for others to do the same.

Abundance comes from within. Honoring and sharing from within is fed by your own passions and joy. Embracing and loving from within begin with embracing your deepest desires.

If you want to be of service, pay homage to your deepest desires. If you want to bless others, invite blessing of your deepest desires.”

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Service and Self-Care

The spiritual journey calls us to go within and then beyond our own histories, small egos and woundedness and to act in ways that honor the highest good for all involved. We must begin with ourselves. When we act in ways that honor our own knowing, our own energy, our physical and spiritual bodies, we honor the whole as well. Making a difference and being of service begins with self. Blessings on your journey, Sally

October 4th

When you are given great gifts, you are called to share them for the good of all.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“You have asked for our guidance and that is what you receive. Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you shall find. You have asked to be guided to your Divine purpose and this is it. You have sought and sought and sought and sought and now you have found that which you have been seeking.

All is well. All is right. All is good.

This journey of self-awareness and surrender is a journey for which many are also seeking. They are asking to be lead and asking for direction. This is the way and the guidance for which many wait. The guidance is to go within.

Would you keep from others what has so generously and abundantly been given to you? All are given gifts to share and soul work to complete. This is your path right now. Others have their own path to follow.

We are here with you. This is a gift given and a gift to be shared.

This is not a place to allow your fear and shame, your wounded ego and distressful thoughts to stand between what you’ve been called to release and share. Bring your fear to us. Trust this knowing deep within. Come to us. Surrender and trust. All will unfold.”