Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcoming Blessings....

Embracing and honoring our wounds is the first step to welcoming healing and blessing.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I sat with Mary and my guides in my prayer and meditation practice this morning and was able to see with her how to welcome great blessings in my life. She showed me how to live in the welcoming of blessings and not return to old patterns of drama and pain. Here is what came to me during this time.

“A spiritual life that begins and ends from within will always create more blessings and more good. Our energies become more and more aligned with that of Divine energy and only good will come from that. Outside of our meditations and time with our guides we will also find our thoughts more and more on spiritual matters and solutions.

We let go more readily.

We speak up for justice more easily.

We clearly say no when we mean no and yes when we desire yes.

We pray for solutions and guidance and take action after discernment and clarity have come.

We begin to clarify our own values and focus on honoring who we really are and what matters most.

As more good manifests around us, we have joy and peace as part of our daily being. We may find that deep, old messages of pain will surface telling us we don’t deserve or who do we think we are, etc.

These are times to embrace ourselves and let the pain and sadness of these hurtful, oppressive messages wash over us. This allows the messages and wounds to be felt, honored and released. If we welcome and don’t resist these old messages, they will lose their power to sabotage or sneak up on us in other ways to make themselves known and heard. We can listen with openness, appreciate the role they have played and welcome our new beliefs.

The Divine Creator demands our self-expression.

We are created to be bold and bring our unique message and gift to others.

We deserve to be surrounded and blessed with beauty and abundance.

We deserve and are called share this beauty and abundance with others.

Always the cleaning and clearing comes from within. We welcome the good. We know that allowing the old messages to have a voice allows for them to be released. We then welcome the good and new messages to take their place.

We welcome a new message from the Divine.

Come to us for assistance.

We bless you with abundance and all good things.”