Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There is great wisdom in fear when you embrace and honor it.

wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I feel frustrated about a group of women whom I judge to be controlling and cliquey. There is part of me that wants to fit in and part of me that does not want to fit with them at all. I bring my fear and my frustration to my guides and ask for comfort.

Mary and my guides say,

“We bless your fear. We bless you. Fear is a great gift for you. Fear is the source of most unconscious choices and behaviors that harm. Fear is the source of potential unrealized and destinies unexpressed. Fear is the foundation of so many losses; losses of those unable and unwilling to honor the deepest calling within. Fear often keeps us from the most profound kindnesses and guidance within.

When you are willing to embrace your fear, experience its wisdom and allow yourself to befriend it, movement and transformation will happen.

There is a settling into your soul when you allow fear to bless you. There is a shift in power and energy as fear is exposed and loved. There is wisdom, perspective, compassion and courage that is born from the joy filled connection with fear. Embrace fear.

Breathe into the places you’ve avoided and resisted. Allow the energy to transform to courage, wisdom, clarity and mercy. Use the energy to move you forward.

We bless your fear.

We bless your journey.”

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Feminine Energy/Wounded Masculine

November 1st

In the Sacred Feminine perspective, there is not better than or less than. We are all a significant part of the Whole.

wisdom of Mary Magdalene

There is something about this necessity I have to rank myself, better than, less than. I am compelled to rank others, less aware, more aware, etc.

Mary and my guides want me to write about this and why it is so in the cellular consciousness of my being and those on this planet.

I bring this to Mary and my guides.

“This is the perspective of the wounded masculine mind and the wounded masculine spirit of being. One is better than, greater than, smarter than, has arrived, reached the goal and gotten there. Inherent in this ideology is one is less than, dumber than, has not yet arrived, missed the mark and still behind.

It is a rhythm and a perspective whose time has served a purpose and whose time is now balanced with and challenged by the Feminine Mind and Feminine Spirit.

From this perspective, all has value, all contributes to the whole and there are gifts from those less expected for glory that those most expected of glory must have.

There is sacredness in all.

There is mystery in all.

There is holiness in all.

And magic happens in the opening of hearts and authentic connections most especially where it is least expected to happen.

This is part of your message.

It will be welcomed in some places

It will be rejected in other places.

As you offer a place of home to those whose time has come to embrace this Feminine energy, reawakening and anxious for voice, there will be glory for all.

As you offer this challenge to those whose time it is to reject, deny or rebel against what they have settled into as comfortable resignation and control, there will be upheaval and fear. You will be attacked.

There will no lasting harm to you, only a continual reawakening to the Divine Feminine home within.

This voice will be clearer.

This energy will be more vital.

This heart will beat more compassionately.

This mind will awaken more strategically.

This soul connection will be deeper and more profound.

You are held by the heart of the Great Feminine energy and soul of all women who have gone before you.

This is the home souls are seeking and this is the message to feed their hunger.

We are with you in heart, soul, body, mind and spirit.”