Monday, October 25, 2010

Purpose and Guidance from Within

October 25th

Go within for purpose and guidance.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I feel unmotivated today. I have resistance to giving up struggle and welcoming ease and abundance. The other thing on my mind is to write a book about women hurting and betraying each other. I think we often judge and criticize each other to avoid seeing ourselves clearly. I bring this to Mary and my guides today.

“The path of Divine purpose and expression is often full of joy and surprise, loneliness and sometimes frustration. This path on which you walk and commit yourself to is a gift to all as you share with others its authenticities; both fulfilling and frightening. The longing you carry with that brings you forward on the journey are the seeds from which your greatest gifts spring forth.

The deep desire to make a difference provides you discipline and determination. The deep desire to reflect within and deepen in your personal and spiritual maturity provides you the wisdom and will to surrender and seek our guidance. The deep desire to commune with nature and fulfill your inner calling for serenity and connection provides you with the focus to move forward and remain present on this journey.

Remember these deep desires within in order to keep yourself moving forward with clarity and light.

Go within to remember. Go within for energy and vitality. Go within for purpose and guidance.”

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ancient, Divine Resources are available to you....

October 6th

When you invoke the presence of ancient resources, they will be given to you.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I have a legal issue to decide today. I feel some anxiety and not sure what to do. I bring this to my guides. I have this belief and it is that all the guides that have assisted me and brought me here will continue to guide me along the way.

“Remember to pause, breathe and call us in. All the guides that have walked with you through the struggles, the sabotaging, the healing and the pain are with you now. Remember to pause, breathe and invoke their presence.

All the guides, the angels, and the ancient resources that wait for you to gaze upon them and open to their knowing, guidance and wisdom are at wait right now. Remember to pause, breathe and open to them.

When you invoke their assistance in living your life purpose, they respond. When you surrender and open to ancient guides waiting to serve your Divine destiny, they respond.

We are here for you. We respond to your call. We await your request for assistance. All is well.”