Sunday, January 16, 2011

Speaking up or trusting Silence....

It can be difficult to know when to speak up and when our silence is most powerful. Here is the meditation from January 16th to assist in discernment around women's oppression, injustice and how to make a difference.

January 16th

There is a time to speak and a time for quiet. Come to us and we will guide you from within.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Sometimes I ponder the challenge of women in spiritual leadership in our culture. The shadows and conditions around gender oppression that say, “Women should be quiet, nice and not cause trouble. A woman who speaks her mind likes drama and is considered a bitch.” I bring this to Mary and my guides. Mary says,

“Yes, you are right. There are additional challenges to bringing the Feminine Power into view for all to see, to taste and to grasp. As you are called to be one of these messengers, you have a fire to walk thru and are a target of projections and anger of others; those not yet ready to take responsibility for their own shadows and projections around feminine power and voice. This is your sacramental rite of passage. You will find many challenges and you will navigate through different situations in order to be heard and not persecuted in the process. You are learning which battles to choose.

You are learning when to speak and when your silence will make the greatest difference. You are learning how to speak from power sourced by the Divine and you are letting go of your own ego. This will influence and shake up the tightness of people’s beliefs and thoughts.

Your wisdom comes from allowing the fire walking of your journey to light the way for discernment.

You are trusting the guidance from within and though there may be some burns from past choices, you are learning how to walk the journey with our protection and guidance.

Come to us. We will guide you on your rite of passage and let you know which principles shall be spoken aloud and which must be allowed to mature more on their own. Honor our nudging and trust our guidance. We will teach you how and when to speak, how and when to watch and how and when to shine a light.”

Friday, January 7, 2011

A life of magnificence....

January 7th

In quiet stillness, there is great power.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I feel in awe of this time with my guides. I just never knew that they wanted to speak to me in this way. All I am doing is showing up and sharing myself and then I receive such wisdom and gifts for my soul. Today I am so grateful for this and I bring that gratitude to my guides.

“Is it possible there is a life of magnificence for which we are all called? If it is true, how exactly do we heed the call? How do we answer yes to this life of our dreams and deepest desires?

This answer is to come to us. Come to the quiet, breathe deeply and invite your guides to speak, to whisper, and to soothe. In your quiet stillness, there is great power. In your simple intention to listen and connect, there are profound stirrings and transformational happenings.

You have a life of magnificence waiting to be bestowed upon you. It is as simple as sitting, it is as simple as asking, and it is as simple as receiving.”

Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1st

All the angels, saints and soul partners in the universe are waiting to respond to your requests.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Today I have this strong sense of being held and loved by my spiritual guides and soul partners. They just wait to love me and respond to my requests. As the beginning of the year unfolds, I connect with them and with my own difficulty in receiving. I give this over to them.

“Sometimes it is hard to imagine that the entire universe responds to your request. It is easy to doubt that the angels and saints of old and present are waiting with excited ears and hearts to respond when you reach out. It seems unbelievable that the great beings of heaven and earth are available to serve you. I know it is difficult to believe, but it is true. We love you. We are here waiting for you to reach out. Our energy and purpose is to respond to your pleas and we delight in doing so.

To be of such value, such worth, such beauty and to command such power, this is true greatness. You are this greatness. You are the Creator’s creation. Your purpose in life is to discover this pearl of Divine wisdom and profound power and use it with your intention to fully love and serve.

As you allow us to love and serve you, you learn how to love and serve others. It is the spiritual cycle of life. Come to us. Let us bless you abundantly. Let us shower you with the fullness of love and care.”