Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Leadership and Spirituality

May 22nd                                                                       

Spiritual leadership has all that you want it to contain and all that you resist in your life.
 Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Leadership is about service. The foundation of sacred and holy leadership springs forth from the intention of service and love. Service and love mean surrendering our wounded egos. We can then hold these wounded places with great care and kindness. 

Leadership requires great humility; knowing we need the Divine for guidance and knowing we are called. It is our unique way to service. Leadership also calls us to bold and often unpopular action. Leadership requires us to speak what we see when no one else is willing and to take the risk of mirroring what no one else will mirror for the good of the greater community.

Leadership requires falling at the feet of the Divine Spirit and proudly receiving the blessings of mercy and the courage to go forth. Leadership has all that you want it to contain and all that you resist in your life."


Friday, May 11, 2012

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May 12th

Tension always precedes transformation and birth. Trust the tension.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

This is a message that I needed and wanted to hear. There are places of tension of in my life today; both emotionally and spiritually. I want clear answers and directions NOW and try as I might for force an outcome, the tension remains. 

In reviewing the original meaning of the word "tension" I learned that it comes from the Latin to "stretch." I have a dream that I have been nurturing for a couple of years now. When I detach from my own struggle around it, I can see how Spirit is stretching me spiritually and emotionally. I am being called to trust, surrender, release, receive and trust, surrender and release some more. 

While there is an outcome that I imagine, I am not sure of the exact direction and actions to take to manifest it all. The one thing that continues to hold me afloat is my own prayer and meditation practice. Daily I pray, meditate, breathe deeply, sometimes throw a temper tantrum, beg or demand; but eventually I come to surrender and survive another day. Recently I've heard an old saying, "When Spirit closes a door, a window will open but the hallway can be hell." 

To this I can relate. The hallway can be dark, smelly and never-ending as well.

Sacred Feminine energy and voice reminds me that "tension always precedes transformation" and this provides me comfort. I remember imaging my beautiful daughter and how excited I was to meet her during a very long and arduous birthing experience. I can rely on that experience to remind me that it was well worth the waiting. 

As women and men, we give birth in many ways to numerous projects, relationships, events, dreams and ways of being. Breathing deeply, doing what we can in the moment and trusting the process helps. 

Blessings to you on your journey. I know there are times and places where the tension has seemed unbearable in your life as well. Knowing there is light at the end of the hallway and that we are not alone always helps!