Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Acceptance of who someone is and who they are not, is a gift to all.

the wisdom of Mary Magdalene

My friend is visiting. I love her so. I look forward to being with her. She has different spiritual practices than I do. She likes the things I detest; traditionalism, patriarchal, masculine language. I feel frightened and sad. I want to share my time with Mary and Jesus, but cannot or feel I cannot. I bring to Mary and my guides.

“A great gift to offer those we love is the intention to meet them right where they are, just as they are, who they are and who they are not. Being with them in this way, when we are able to do this, transcends any doing or saying that one might experience.

Be with her. Hear her words. Respond to her heart and trust that in the being of it all, there is powerful connection and mercy exchanged.

Be with. Be with. Breathe, release and be.”