Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vibrancy and Spiritual Guidance

December 28th

Stay awake in your vibrancy. From here, listen for our guidance.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“My child. We guide you daily and moment-by-moment. Your part is to stay aware, stay awake and listen for and look for our direction. It may come in a person to reach out to. It may come in a picture within your mind of terrain, of a place. It may come in the deep desire of your heart.

Trust that all is as it should be. Take action to follow the intuition you are given from within. Watch for where it leads. Listen for more guidance.

Keep your spiritual practice vibrant and your connection with soul partners vibrant as well. We live mostly in your vibrancy. Your internal vibrancy and the vibrancy that exists between soul and spirit partners is the most powerful tool of guidance and inspiration.

Soul and spirit partners empower your journey of Divine purpose. Feel that vibrancy within. Feel and nourish that vibrancy within.”

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Changes and Receiving Abundance

With tranquility Oh Creator, will I submit myself to changes and place all my trust in Your mercy and goodness....Ludwig van Beethoven

This is a beautiful prayer that I have had with me since college. It was on a poster and a quote of Ludwig van Beethoven. It's corners were tattered and torn after twenty-five years but I loved it so.

We are moving from our neighborhood of over ten years. My daughter and I created a loving and healthful emotional atmosphere here together with our neighbors and friends. We created a community. She is in college now and my husband and I are moving to another part of Houston. It is a move filled with deep gratitude for all of our abundance, sadness for what we are leaving behind and joyful anticipation for what is to come.

It is your Divine calling to receive the abundant blessings of the universe.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Blessings and love to all during the times of change, movement and growth in our lives.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Divine Perspective.......

When I have a vision for how I want things to be or how I want others to behave, it is an opportunity for me to hold the intention AND invite my Spiritual Source into the dialog. To hold intention is important but to trust a power greater than myself and surrender to a Divine Perspective is essential to living a life of purpose and service. I can not know or see or understand all things but I can trust a Higher Power and Spiritual Connection that does.

November 10th

Tension is the precursor to birth and transformation.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Service comes in so many ways. Part of your service work is to share this truth with others. When your attention and focus in on the physical realm, the result will be a physical one. When your attention and focus in on the spiritual realm, the result will be a spiritual one.

In the physical realm, you may try to see, create in your mind and predict an outcome. In the spiritual realm, there are unforeseen visions that appear, results that were not known to the human mind, and outcomes beyond your understanding.

The lessons reoccur for you because it is a challenging lesson to grasp. It is available more easily to the mystic no longer in the physical realm and available to those willing to surrender physical attachments. There are others waiting to hear this lesson again. You are both receiver and messenger for this message.

We are with you. The answer lies in welcoming our presence and inviting our guidance and mercy.”

Friday, October 28, 2011

Direction from within....

October 29th

In the physical realm, you will often be misunderstood. In the spiritual realm, understanding and companionship is always available.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

”This soul purpose and expression of service that you have been called to does not require your approval or your understanding. This would be confirmation of your ego and self-will. Often there is no assurance of right action. During these times you will learn to trust and surrender to Divine mystery.

Divine intervention and the expression of your soul’s partners for the higher good of all involved come to you as you surrender on this journey. Often times, the higher good and higher purpose for all involved does not require you ‘feeling’ good and understanding it all. This is not your concern. Understanding, knowing the outcome, feeling good and assuring agreement from others is a form of ego protection.

Your desire to serve as you have been called and make a difference in ways beyond your understanding will continue to call you to surrender. It will also call you to a willingness to be misunderstood, disliked and without knowledge of outcome. You see, in the spiritual world, a soul’s work is often misunderstood, rejected and feared.

In time, while surrendering and trusting your spiritual and soul partners, the souls, hearts and spirits of all will resonate with the message and the gifts bestowed. There will be more to surrender along the way. There will be more opening of hearts and minds along the way. The masses will receive in their soul’s purpose and seek companions on their spiritual journey.

How, when, where, why or why not is not your concern. You are called, my sister, to this spiritual purpose and Divine destiny one step at a time. As you continue to surrender, the message and the wisdom needed will come to you. As you receive, so shall you give. There is no question of this path for you on the Spirit realm. As you continue to bring your doubts and questions to us, all will be served, calmed, inspired and comforted.

Continue to come to us. Come with angst. Come with doubt. Come with joy. Come with peace. Come. Come. Come.”

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Surrender attachments and embrace our deepest desires

I'm aware of the call to surrender each day. I surrender my way in service of another perspective and a Spiritual Perspective. I surrender who I thought I could count on consistently and replace this desire for connection with a closer spiritual connection and I surrender expectations of others in service of my attachment to a Spiritual Source. In doing so, I go within. I can trust that my deepest desires and passions are a form of communication from my own Higher Power and I follow this energy from inside my own heart and soul.

October 2011

If you want to be of service to others, pay homage to your deepest desires.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“There are so many ways that the wounding of the collective seeps into the religious and cultural learning of each generation. Learning to honor and embrace that which you feel passion for is something you are learning. The learning or relearning of this comes from messages received out of woundedness. ‘You should think of others first. You should work, work, work to get ahead. You should do what you are told.’

These messages will eventually cover the more innate and cellular beliefs about passion and service. Eventually we forget our passion and desire for service and try to do the right thing and be good.

Listen now. Honor your passions above all else. Pay attention to that which gives you joy and fulfillment. Remember your desire to serve and contribute to others will be fed by that which you feel the most passion and joy. It is in knowing, embracing and fully honoring these innate yearnings inside that all else falls into place.

Your desires fulfilled allow for more service to others. When you honor your deepest passions, you are free to share your greatest gifts with others. Your commitment to live from within and inviting fulfillment creates abundance and guidance for others to do the same.

Abundance comes from within. Honoring and sharing from within is fed by your own passions and joy. Embracing and loving from within begin with embracing your deepest desires.

If you want to be of service, pay homage to your deepest desires. If you want to bless others, invite blessing of your deepest desires.”

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Service and Self-Care

The spiritual journey calls us to go within and then beyond our own histories, small egos and woundedness and to act in ways that honor the highest good for all involved. We must begin with ourselves. When we act in ways that honor our own knowing, our own energy, our physical and spiritual bodies, we honor the whole as well. Making a difference and being of service begins with self. Blessings on your journey, Sally

October 4th

When you are given great gifts, you are called to share them for the good of all.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“You have asked for our guidance and that is what you receive. Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you shall find. You have asked to be guided to your Divine purpose and this is it. You have sought and sought and sought and sought and now you have found that which you have been seeking.

All is well. All is right. All is good.

This journey of self-awareness and surrender is a journey for which many are also seeking. They are asking to be lead and asking for direction. This is the way and the guidance for which many wait. The guidance is to go within.

Would you keep from others what has so generously and abundantly been given to you? All are given gifts to share and soul work to complete. This is your path right now. Others have their own path to follow.

We are here with you. This is a gift given and a gift to be shared.

This is not a place to allow your fear and shame, your wounded ego and distressful thoughts to stand between what you’ve been called to release and share. Bring your fear to us. Trust this knowing deep within. Come to us. Surrender and trust. All will unfold.”

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Embracing our Shadows

Shadows reflect our light...

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,” said Carl Jung, “but by making the darkness conscious.” As the originator of the concept of “shadow” Carl Jung first brought into our cultural consciousness the necessity of loving ourselves through bringing to consciousness what is in the unconscious. This applies especially to the most unlovable and dark parts that we have worked diligently to hide, repress and deny. As a certified Shadow Work® facilitator and author of a book on the Sacred Feminine, I work with these energies and create environments that allow individuals to explore their darker side. With Sacred Feminine principles, we surrender to it all and know that the connection between dark and light, pain and joy, sickness and health is symbiotic. We cannot experience one without the other. Stepping into my own darkness and creating circles that invite others to do the same are the environments that I play, teach and learn within. These are the circles that I facilitate and allow myself to be facilitated within to continue my own emotional and spiritual maturity and trust my darkness to the light.

In “Blessings From Mary” my most recent book, I explore 9 Sacred Feminine Principles and offer daily meditations that lead one to their Divine Purpose. Here I share some ideas inspired by Carl Jung which encourage us to embrace those “dark” emotions rather than avoid and run from them. In an age and culture that prescribes to a quick fix from discomfort: physical, emotional and spiritual, it’s not always an appealing invitation to explore and embrace our shadows. We think if we are feeling good then we are living well and if we are feeling grieve, despair, fear or shame there must be something wrong.

Sacred Feminine spirituality encourages us to meet all of ourselves with open heart and allow our wounds to inform us of all we have to offer. Our woundedness and shadows teach us about our giftedness. In our full embrace of the hurts, pain, “feel-bad” emotions we carry, we also embrace our compassion, joy and deepest sense of self. In the Sacred Feminine perspective, we hold our darkness with comfort, care and a willingness to surrender. In our darkness, we find brilliance, wisdom and authenticity.

From this fullness, we give to others. Our fully experienced grief, fear and pain open our hearts and bring us the unexpected gifts of gratitude, joy and a deepened capacity to love ourselves and others.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Acceptance or Transformation?

I wonder about the distinction between acceptance and taking a stand for transformation. To love someone fully, is to accept who they are and who they are not, learning to receive the gifts that the relationship offers and seek connection where it can happen. There are individuals who model acceptance for me and then there are others who model taking a stand for transformation. When do we accept someone as they are and when do we request change in our relationships with others. The answer seems clear in today's meditation; in that daily spiritual connection is the foundation on which all clarity comes. What might be right for one, may need a different tact for another. Blessings to you on your journey of acceptance in relationships. Love, Sally

September 18th

Listen to our ancient knowing and trust.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“We come to you now to aid and honor what is most dear to your heart. What is dear to your heart is dear to ours. It is all part of your soul’s work to do. Creating a sacred and powerful marriage is also a part of your soul’s work to do. This is the most important and significant place to bring our healing energy and wisdom. Listen to our ancient knowing and trust.

You want to change your partner. Your energy to make him different goes against the natural rhythm of transformation. Your desire to change, and your resistance to what is, adds strength to the very energy you want to transform.

First, welcome the energy as it is. Welcome your partner’s wounded dynamic and yours as it interacts together. Welcome the hurt, frustration and the challenge. It is here. We will join forces to transform.

Next, stand for yourself in your family relationships. As a place to stand, there is clarity and power.

Lastly, be aware of your intentions. Allow yourself compassion for his wound, but let not its energy seep into the intention for healing and empowerment. Your intention is most important.

Stay clear and detached from the swirling pain and energy of his wounded places and your own wounded places. Open yourself to creating an avenue of new possibility and a path to freedom. Ask us to join you. Trust the power of your intention. Trust the power of your commitment and desire to make a new way. Accepting exactly what is, as it is, actually begins the transformation process. Allow the transformation to happen by first accepting it as it is.”

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Surrendering to what is....

Sometimes I want life to be easy and only joyful. I think because of all the "work" that I have done, I'm entitled to this. There are seasons in life. While learning to receive the abundance and joy available to me is still a challenge from time to time, I know that my capacity for living fully continues. As a mature woman, I surrender to the joy and to the grief and losses. I allow it all to flow within me and embrace with a trust for the spiritual journey. Blessings to you on your journey.

August 30th

Your journey into darkness reawakens your senses and allows the recognition of light.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Sometimes the rhythm of life calls for rest, deep breath, relaxation and surrender. It calls us to sit in quiet reflection and pulls us into the moment, uncomfortable as it may be.

This is the call from us this day.

We are with you in these moments. We are with you in this tiredness, exhaustion, frustration, depression and aloneness. We are with you now.

Your journey into depression and darkness reawakens your senses and allows recognition of the other parts of the journey. Joy, inspiration and the miracle of your life will also be more alive in you.

We bless you in your darkness. We bless you in all your seasons and rhythms.”

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Transitioning with our Ancestors

My daughter is transitioning from home and off to college. I notice that I recall my own college transitioning and how unconscious I was during this time. My feelings were frozen and I did not have the healthful grief that accompanies a life change. My mother and I did not discuss what was happening and the fears and joys involved. With my choice to be conscious in my life and do the transformational family of origin work, I find myself present to the experience and able to create a conscious space for my daughter to share her joy, grief and possibilities. It is a time to connect with my mother's spirit and my own heritage and know that we are all connected. I heal more from my own losses during early adulthood as I choose to be present and available for my daughter in her movement and initiation in this time of life.

August 24th

There are ancient ones that await your call. They come to guide and support you.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Our heritage, our rootedness, our her stories and histories fuel the possibilities of our lives. As we embrace all that is from our relations, our life path is lit, our tribe gathers and our future contributions are revealed.

Connect with the ancient ones that have gone before you and allow them to speak their learning and wisdom through you.

Invite all your relations of old into your present life so that they may fully serve their purpose along the lineage of which you have come.

Each tribe knows its unique history and what is has to contribute to the whole. Each tribe learns from each other tribe how to come together as one to bless the earth and all others along the path.

Learn about your tribe. Allow all your relations to assist you in healing and being of service to the whole.”

Friday, July 29, 2011

from dark to light...

As a certified Shadow Work facilitator, I honor our darkness, our patterns of dysfunction, our woundedness and our shadows. It is in these pent up energy balls that so much vitality is trapped and deep and profound spiritual gifts abound. To enter into our darkness.

Loving our darkness invites the light.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“I have chosen you as you have chosen me. As you come to us you will clear the space so that you can receive from us the blessings and messages to carry in the world. As you have cleared out past patterns and pains from your own soul work and embraced your own unique spiritual path, you’ve chosen me. With that, you have chosen your purpose and you’ve chosen your destiny.

It is all a result of your surrendering to Divine Source. It is all a result of doing your part to embrace and release the places of pain and hurt. From deep within our greatest challenges come and from deep within, our unique and most profound gifts also come.

Do you see? Loving the darkest places within allows for the transformation into blessings and mercy for all. This is your soul work to do. As a result, you’ve invited us in. Now is the time to take these messages to others to bring them to light, blessing and mercy for their darkest places. Each has their own unique messages to share with others as well.You have chosen me. I have chosen you. Together; spirit, body and mind, we manifest gifts and blessings for all."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Art of Receiving....

As we mature in spiritual and emotional intelligence, we learn to receive from others and from our Divine Source. In allowing ourselves the necessary gift of receiving blessings from the outside, we expand our own capacity to be of service to others and manifest our own dreams from within. The art of receiving begins in an authentic relationship with a Divine Source. This is the meditation from "Blessings From Mary" that I hope will inspire and encourage you to receive more and more abundantly:

January 17th

Divine flow is available to all, but few have the discipline and courage to receive this sacred gift.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I feel both thrilled and unworthy of this time with my guides. I know that there are soul partners waiting and available for each soul on the planet, but I wonder why only some answer this call. I feel deep sadness about this and wonder if there is anything that I can do. I bring this today to Mary and my guides.

“There is a flow within and without you that connects you to the Divine. It is a flow that you will find when you go within. It is there for you all the time. It will require that you come to yourself: daily, weekly and moment to moment. It will be most beneficial to you when you least desire connecting with the Divine Energy Flow to connect with the Energy. Still it is the time to connect so that your sense of peace and love will be restored.

This Divine flow is available to all, but few allow themselves this sacred gift. The skill to connect comes with practice and after some time of clearing away what gets in the way.

There is a time of grieving. There are times of anger and frustration. There are times of learning about self and seeing the world as a mirror. There are times of choosing new thoughts and letting go of the past. All of this takes time, energy and attention.

When this process is completed, one is able to connect easily with the Divine flow. It is a connection that comes in the quiet, but can be learned when outer noise is present as well. It is a connection that allows a flow, the Divine flow, to enter and create ease. It is a connection with deep breath and a calmness of mind.

Come to the flow and feel it as it enters your mind, breathe it deeply into your cells and experience connection to the Divine.”

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Power of Quiet

I am aware today of my Spirit Guides and Soul Partners calling me to "go with the flow." It's a challenge for me as I have always been one to get things done, coming from a family with a value for a good work ethic. Today, I am catching glimmers of understanding the difference between forcing an outcome through my own efforts and connecting deeply with Spiritual Resources, surrendering to the flow of Divine Guidance and taking actions that align with this flow. I am learning this distinction and feeling very excited as this wisdom seeps into my body, mind and soul.

In my prayer and meditation practice, I surrender to the moment and do my part to bring my consciousness into Divine Consciousness, releasing thoughts and fears that do not serve. As I release and empty myself to Divine Presence, I am able to receive the sense of Oneness and wisdom available to us all. In this moment, I surrender to the guidance of my Higher Power, God, Goddess and Spirit Divine knowing that as I stay present in the moment, I will see, hear, feel, and sense the abundance of Spiritual Guidance available to me. When I release concerns for my children, my own clients, my relationships with others, growing our wealth and making a difference in the world, I am then invited to follow the signs and guidance that comes to me. Surrender to the Holy Quiet and the Spiritual Flow offers me this amazing gift of Divine Connection. I am no longer "doing it on my own" but trusting that in the quiet, where I surrender, I can then receive and be guided in manifesting my desires and being of service to others.

Blessings to you as you surrender to the Quiet and follow your own Divine Flow!

June 20th

Often our most powerful action is quiet stillness.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I long to reconnect with someone I know and love that I have been out of contact with for a while. I know they do the best they can and yet I do not know how to be amidst their anger and criticism without taking it all personally. I ask all of my guides to assist me and make clear to me any action there is to take and they say,

“Your action is stillness and quiet. Your action is prayerfulness and surrender. Your action is willingness to do something and the courage to do nothing.

You are doing all there is to do. As painful as it is, often the action to take is quiet waiting in stillness. As you disengage from an old, painful dynamic, there is perspective and clarity and joy comes in time.

When we see ourselves clearly and embrace quiet stillness, our hearts are free to embrace, to hold, to heal and to ask forgiveness. In quiet stillness, the answers come.

You can pray for all these things. You can ask for all these things. You can wait for all these things and it shall be given to you in Divine time, in Divine ways and in Divine form.

Prayer for yourself and pray for this person you love. Pray for your connection and continue to act according to Divine inner guidance.

All is well. Trust. Share your love with this person, heart to heart and spirit-to-spirit in quiet stillness. Surrender and relax.”

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sensitive Spirits and Ancestral Healing

I think that those of us so sensitive often carry the pain and wounds of our families, our culture and our times. We must care deeply for our sensitive spirits and trust all to our Divine Source, seeking support and breathing deeply into the strength of the earth. Blessings, Sally

June 13th

We carry wounds for our ancestors and there is a time to let these go.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I woke up feeling sad. There is someone that I feel jealous of for a couple of reasons. I feel hurt, shame and left out. It’s been challenging for me. My self-esteem is attached outwardly to this situation and I feel powerless to change my belief and feelings. Mary says,

“The places of our greatest struggles are the places of our greatest gifts. Embrace these challenges, these struggles. Hold them close and near to your heart. Breathe into them. They will lead you deeply inside to the place of an original hurt, a message and you will understand.

It is in these places that grace and mercy will join you. You have the healing power to transform the age-old memory and belief, one that your ancestors passed down to you and that you have been holding for them all.

Spirit asks us to be healed in order that we are able to offer healing to other people. Breathe into this place and trust that as you release the old, even your ancestors will be healed.”

Friday, June 10, 2011

Releasing our longing, receiving our blessings...

June 10th

That which we long for the most will come to us when we release our longing for it.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Those things we desire most will often come to us when we surrender and release the desire for them. It is an energy healing system inherent in the universe for those seeking spiritual maturity. What needs healing from deep within will continue to come up over and over again when we seek the healing from the outside. Once we seek the healing from the inside and the focus is no longer on the outer source, that which we want flows naturally and unexpectantly to us. It is a lesson we continually bump up against for the purpose of our highest good and spiritual calling.

Joy follows despair and dawn comes after the darkness.

You are on a path and the intensity of its pain and frustration is signaling a breakthrough soon. It is a powerful, transformational breakthrough.

Continue to notice the intensity of feelings, the desire for outside approval, and the request for an outward fix to your inward pain. Continue to notice the challenge and wound that shows up over and over again.

Come to us and invite us to assist in the healing and mercy of your process.”

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Abundance in Spiritual Resources...

I am so blessed to be on this journey that keeps me searching and hunger for my own spiritual, emotional and financial wealth. Today's reading reminds us to honor and acknowledge the abundance of the Universe and keep our focus both within and in action without when it comes to attracting financial successes. Blessings for abundance in all areas, Sally

June 7th

Authentic abundance is a state of mind and consciousness from within.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Money remains a stressful issue in our family even though we have a strong and steady income. I see how belief around money makes the difference, not the amount of money earned. I bring this to my guides.

“What a wonderful and important lesson this is to learn. Abundance and true prosperity are a state of mind, a state of consciousness and a state of being. This is another opportunity to find fulfillment from within, to find direction and value and Spirit connection from deep within.

Often it is not until we have this vast perception, this vast consciousness held deeply within us, that we experience the physical manifestation of financial wealth and abundance. It may take a deep grieving of the fantasy lost and released. This fantasy that enough money will fill the emptiness inside will give way to the acceptance and pure joy of finding that sacred fulfillment within.

Find your joy within. Find your fulfillment within. Find your abundance within.”

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Claiming Divine Power

Today I brought a concern to my prayer and meditation practice. I asked for guidance and found myself drawn to Blessings From Mary and the reading today. The Divine Powers that be seem to remind me that they are available to me whenever I ask and want to fulfill the desires of my heart. What a blessings to be reminded of this. I hope it brings you the joy and comfort that it brought me today.

June 1st

Call to us and demand our attention. We gather to serve you.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I have a professional presentation and I feel scared. Will I do it right? Will I seek their approval or speak from my heart? Will they like me? I bring this to Mary and my guides this morning.

“Your courage and commitment to make a difference will be honored. We will be with you. Speak from your heart and trust your knowing from within. You will have allies of ancient and allies of present there to heal your fear and empower your words. Trust that all is well. Speak from all is well.

Trust your own thinking and power in this time. Embrace what is given through you in this time.

There is ease and a natural unfolding that happens. Flow with it all. Trust each moment as a moment to be present. Trust yourself in each moment and when you do not trust yourself in that moment, call us to you. Do not be timid in your need and want and demand for us

We are here for you. We are here for you.

Demand our attention. We bless you and as you allow Spirit to move through you, others are blessed as well.”

Monday, May 23, 2011

Loving our Shadows

I notice today how easy it is to love my beauty and how challenging to embrace my darkness. Sometimes I behave badly. I make choices that hurt myself and others and then the consequences of those choices leave me with myself, my character defects, my shadows and my darkness. I am grateful that I learn to share these dark places with others that love me and with a Higher Power. Humility is the great outcome of surrendering all of who we are and allowing ourselves to be loved when we feel we deserve it the least.

Learning to love the most hidden and shameful parts of ourselves requires great courage.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Yes, this is true. We are able to love you, to see you, to know you in ways you are unable to see and know yourself. This is the great gift that we offer and the gift that you resist most.

Learning to love yourself and the places hidden deep within, of which there is the most fear and shame, is the greatest challenge of the spiritual life. It requires great courage. It requires admitting those parts are there. It requires clearing off the cobwebs and digging them out of the cellar and attic and exposing those parts to light.

In the light, there is remembrance, there is pain, there is self-loathing and there is self-hatred. There are tightly wound memories of the painful loss, anger, fear and shame we carry within.

Coming to us means coming to light, and coming to light means peeling off the ways we have kept hidden. It requires loving a part of ourselves we have wanted to forget. It means honoring a part of ourselves we want to keep in the dark.

The courage, willingness and commitment you have to come to us will be rewarded. Bringing to light all the places of hidden pain and woundedness will reap great and lasting rewards.

Your courage will reap freedom. Your willingness will reap great compassion and your commitment to serve will bring healing to the masses.

We love you. Trust your darkness to our light.”

Monday, May 9, 2011

Honest Self-Reflection

There are many times when I want to blame someone else for what I am feeling, thinking or why I am behaving as I am. There are other times that I blame others for the circumstances in my life or for my dissatisfaction of the circumstances. While I do believe that I am responsible for my feelings, thoughts, behaviors and the circumstances in my life, it's still challenging to assume the level of responsibility for it all. For me, there is some payoff for looking outside myself for why it is as it is and something dysfunctionally comforting about believing that I am a victim to someone or something outside of me.

My honesty about this pattern is the beginning of transforming it and fully embracing the emotional and spiritual power that I have to create my life as I desire; without blame or criticism of anyone or anything else.

Next I must surrender myself to a spiritual practice and Higher Power that can assist in healing and changing me from the inside out. Awareness is the first step and surrender is the second.

Here is some writing from "Blessings From Mary" that support honest self-reflection and spiritual connection:

May 14th

Honest self-reflection becomes the well from which Divine wisdom comes.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Each person’s journey is uniquely their journey. Connecting with a holy presence is the foundation of that journey and releasing all that gets in the way of this connection is the individual’s soul work to do.

Rigorous self-honesty and a determined will to serve and honor our Divine calling will fuel the journey of self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment. The easy part is receiving the holy blessings that come from Spirit and opening to its abundance. The challenge comes in honest self-reflection and the willingness to release what barriers remain internally.

This is the greatest challenge on the path, allowing complete healing and unleashing of the wounds, the poison and the remaining pus. This can be a painful process, but the clearing out creates space for the receiving of great mercy, wisdom and blessings. These blessings of wisdom give action to the passions inside waiting for full expression in life.

Come to us with your honest, open heart. Allow us to hold you during times of painful self-reflection as you allow for cleansing. We will fill you with Divine love.

This journey has many challenges along the way. You are not alone.”


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Creating the Ceremony with Intention

June 15th

The power of your intention will attract synchronicity into your life. Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

The first step in the four step prayer and meditation practice from Blessings From Mary is CREATING THE CEREMONY WITH INTENTION. Our intention is more powerful than I think we often realize it is. When we sit down to do our prayer and meditation and begin with Creating the Ceremony with Intention, it alerts our mind and our spirits of something sacred happening. How we do this is up to us. Here are some suggestions for this initial step:

1) Find a place in your home or yard that you enjoy being. Be sure you are comfortable either on the floor or in a chair where you can relax.
2) Have candles, sage or incense to burn as part of the ceremony. You can also use items such as small totems, photos, rocks or special statues that hold significance for you as part of the sacred space.
3) Once you light the candle or sage or prepare the area, begin to breathe deeply and methodically. Connect with your breath and notice your thoughts, how easy or difficult it may be to focus. Allow yourself to be just where you are and enjoy the space.

Once you create this space for yourself, you will begin to feel the sacredness of it all over time. Our brains begin to experience this consistent time and rhythm as self nourishing and soon you will find yourself relaxing into the space.

Step 2 in the four step prayer and meditation practice will come easily. You will be surprised at what you discover. Stay turned for more information about Authentic Journaling® the next step in Creating a Unique Prayer and Meditation Practice for yourself.

Blessings and love to you on your journey,


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The origin of the word "miracle" means an object of wonder. I have experienced miracles this week.

I know the foundation of my own inner growth and spiritual surrender created a fertile ground for these miracles and still I hold and honor these happenings with great joy and reverence. As I scanned through my book "Blessings From Mary" I discovered there were almost 50 references to miracles in the text and many of these references to miracles begin with honesty and vulnerability.

Today I open myself to experiencing more "objects of wonder" as I surrender what does not serve, open myself to receive and continue to stay awake. I invite you to do the same.

January 11th

The simple act of meditation and prayer produces extraordinary results.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Today I am awed by how this simple time of sitting down and showing up for my prayer and meditation has yielded such loving and powerful connections with Mary and my guides. Part of me does not believe that I really deserve this time and another part is astonished at how simple and yet profound this practice has become for me. I give this all to Mary and my guides this morning.

“Yes, it is amazing how the simplest behaviors and practices in life are able to produce the most magnificent results. Sitting in the morning, lighting a candle and burning a bit of incense and sage are a simple yet profound ritual. Throughout time we all had practices, ceremonies and sacred spaces that we created with intention to invite holy presence. In this space and through this ceremony, we invite our most intimate spiritual allies to join us and to experience their energy, their mercy and their guidance.

Today we remind you that you deserve the miracles and blessings of abundance that are received from this simple practice of coming to us daily.

There are years and years, sometimes lifetimes, of soul work that is done to clear the emotional debris and embrace the gifts from our woundedness and history. We are here to remind you of your own courage in simply showing up, addressing your addictive patterns and pain and seeking sobriety and connection so that your spirituality can mature.

We remember times you surrendered your grief and shame and started your mornings on your knees seeking spiritual assistance.

With great humility and joy, we offer you these blessings and ask that you honor your own willingness and surrender to the highest good for all things. We honor your willingness and choice to surrender all of your life to us. These are the gifts received by your willingness to walk through your own pain and woundedness.

Simply showing up, with even a small trace of willingness and desire to be of service, over time, reaps the most magnificent of miracles."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ego Work versus Soul Work

I think that we are all wounded and have shadows and character defects and places in our lives that we wish were transformed. When we embrace our own humanness, we embrace compassion for humanity. One of my personal challenges has been to share my gifts in service and let go of needing acknowledgment. My ego looks for this validation often and it is a place of continued surrender for me. This is from April 18th in "Blessings From Mary."

Our soul’s work is to use our gifts for healing, not for feeding our ego.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Yes, the discipline and maturity of your emotional and spiritual gifts will provide you this insight. You will see more. You will notice more. You will understand more. This is a gift. This is part of your destiny in service. Honor and embrace this gift of discernment and sight.

The only difficulty comes from trying to convince another of your insight and your ability. This is where your wounded ego takes charge and where discipline comes in. You are responsible for using this gift to be of service to those you encounter. It is not intended to feed your ego by asking for acknowledgment and validation or to be used as a tool for confrontation and/or conflict.

This is your work. The opportunity to do this healing will come to you again and again until your only desire and action will be to use this gift in alignment with the highest spiritual service for all.

Do you see this? Come to us when these insights and revelations come to you. Offer it to us for guidance and discernment of the highest good and then surrender the outcome.

You will know what is next from here.”