Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obedience from within......

January 17th

"Obedience is the greatest lesson and comes from moving in the direction of listening to your heart and honoring your soul's work."

the wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Mary, I’ve been ill, tired, frustrated and not connected to you or my guides. I feel detached, lonely and sad. I want to be with you, connected and inspired. I’m tired of my own obsessive thoughts.

Please relieve me of myself and this bondage I am in and use me for your work and for the service I am called to be in the world. Please help me as I surrender to you and my guides.

“My dear child and friend,

There are many challenges, struggles and obstacles along your path. The gifts come from overcoming. Overcoming happens when it happens. You must trust the journey and as you come to us consistently with the discipline and willingness of a servant wanting to please and honor her Master, his Guiding Light, the fragments of gold, of wisdom, of joy and of inspiration will be bestowed mercifully.

Obedience is your greatest lesson. To obey means to move in the direction and listen to what is guided from within. As you obey these stirrings inside your heart and soul, your lessons will be complete.

Each obeying of our guidance and each honoring of your own intuitive voice will bring you in the direction of authentic joy, peace and service and your destiny will be complete.

Cleansing and releasing come first.

Welcoming and honoring what is known from within is next.

Blessing others with mercy, generosity and kindness will follow.

You are never alone.”

Friday, July 10, 2009


"Come to us in your loneliness. As we nourish you, you will nourish others."

Mary Magdalene

I feel sad a lot and lonely. We are on vacation and with friends and I am not really enjoying their company or the company of my family. I feel disconnected. I’m lonely for my routine and want to be connected but not certain where I fit, where to go, how to be and connect with others. I see myself a part from, just as I recall as a child. So much on the outside looking in and into what, I am not sure. I bring this to my guides for comfort.

“We are here for you. We have always been and always will be. This journey, this conscious and awake journey that we are on together has many unknowns. There is an ancient work to do at certain times and there are lessons, plenty of learning and lessons along the way.

Honor your love of nature. Allow yourself to resonate deeply with the stillness, the rhythm and season of life and the whispers that come in the silence.

If there is other passion inside you looking for expression, then honor this. It is time to honor the stirring within, the passion and desire that rise forth in the silence and stillness. It is time to feed and honor this place in your soul.

Listen for other guidance and leadings as well. They will come to you when you listen and are open to hearing.

This journey is a silent and lonely one at times. You have your path and yours alone to walk, to embrace and to honor. When you are lonely, come to us, this is the call.

There is fulfillment and joy, connection and unity that will only come in communion with us. The deep and profound sense of aloneness is the call to be with us.

Love the loneliness.

Love the rhythm of sadness and grief.

Trust the call you are honoring and embracing.

It is our time to feed and nourish you, so that you feed and nourish others.”