Friday, March 30, 2012

Look within....

It takes immense courage to go within for our guidance rather than seeking without. We must resist outward approval over inward nudging. Coming to a daily prayer and meditation practice assists us in this journey of going within for our guidance.

Spiritual answers come from within.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“You will feel alone at times. It is a solitary journey. There is an answer guiding your way, but it is inner whispers, not outer voices.Your answers come from within, from deep inside where your spiritual allies reside.

You will want to look outwardly. It will provide the illusion of connection and is easy for your ego to attempt to obtain approval from others. To stand with the discomfort internally and continue to look within for guidance, takes great courage and commitment.

Spiritual answers come from within. Wounded and immature ego answers are sought without. We guide from the inside out. We speak from the inside of the heart and you will know our voices as your spirit will be inspired, fulfilled and comforted.

Come inside to the quiet, sometimes uncomfortable tension of not knowing. Be still and allow us to guide you and whisper to you. We are here for you.”

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Honoring our own vibration

There is a knowing inside where our soul and spirit vibrates. Honor this knowing.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Today in my prayer and meditation I was seeking guidance in some projects in my life as well as in some relationships in my life. I am aware of the necessity for daily prayer and meditation so this is a regular practice for me. Interestingly, I found myself unable to relax and then in the middle of this meditation time, I got up and started to walk away. When I realized I was moving from my place, I stopped. I noticed that I was walking away from what was coming through my spirit as I sat still. Here is what my guides were saying to me. They were telling me that I am called to honor the vibration of spirit inside of myself. That I must share this vibration and wisdom for those who wish to receive it and I must let go of trying to "convince" those who do not wish to receive this wisdom.

Loving myself and honoring this passionate, life-giving vibration is my first priority. Nourishing the relationships that vibrate with me is next. Releasing in love those who do not wish to embrace this high vibration of the Divine is also important.

Following Divine guidance will call within us the action of letting go. Letting go of our own attachments to people, places and things. In place of the letting go comes a direct connection to Spiritual guidance and the synchronistic events that point us in the direction of manifesting a Divine, Spirit-filled life of abundance. We have a responsibility, as spiritual seekers, to receive this guidance and high vibrational energy. As we receive, so shall we give.

Blessings and love,