Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Surrendering to what is....

Sometimes I want life to be easy and only joyful. I think because of all the "work" that I have done, I'm entitled to this. There are seasons in life. While learning to receive the abundance and joy available to me is still a challenge from time to time, I know that my capacity for living fully continues. As a mature woman, I surrender to the joy and to the grief and losses. I allow it all to flow within me and embrace with a trust for the spiritual journey. Blessings to you on your journey.

August 30th

Your journey into darkness reawakens your senses and allows the recognition of light.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Sometimes the rhythm of life calls for rest, deep breath, relaxation and surrender. It calls us to sit in quiet reflection and pulls us into the moment, uncomfortable as it may be.

This is the call from us this day.

We are with you in these moments. We are with you in this tiredness, exhaustion, frustration, depression and aloneness. We are with you now.

Your journey into depression and darkness reawakens your senses and allows recognition of the other parts of the journey. Joy, inspiration and the miracle of your life will also be more alive in you.

We bless you in your darkness. We bless you in all your seasons and rhythms.”

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Transitioning with our Ancestors

My daughter is transitioning from home and off to college. I notice that I recall my own college transitioning and how unconscious I was during this time. My feelings were frozen and I did not have the healthful grief that accompanies a life change. My mother and I did not discuss what was happening and the fears and joys involved. With my choice to be conscious in my life and do the transformational family of origin work, I find myself present to the experience and able to create a conscious space for my daughter to share her joy, grief and possibilities. It is a time to connect with my mother's spirit and my own heritage and know that we are all connected. I heal more from my own losses during early adulthood as I choose to be present and available for my daughter in her movement and initiation in this time of life.

August 24th

There are ancient ones that await your call. They come to guide and support you.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“Our heritage, our rootedness, our her stories and histories fuel the possibilities of our lives. As we embrace all that is from our relations, our life path is lit, our tribe gathers and our future contributions are revealed.

Connect with the ancient ones that have gone before you and allow them to speak their learning and wisdom through you.

Invite all your relations of old into your present life so that they may fully serve their purpose along the lineage of which you have come.

Each tribe knows its unique history and what is has to contribute to the whole. Each tribe learns from each other tribe how to come together as one to bless the earth and all others along the path.

Learn about your tribe. Allow all your relations to assist you in healing and being of service to the whole.”