Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Clarity and Surrender.....

November 3rd

To gain clarity and guidance, you must be willing to risk being lost in despair.

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I want to make a difference and want to learn how to surrender more and more each day. I continue to get pulled into other people’s dramas. I bring this to my meditation today.

“My child, my sister. To live in the world and not be of the world requires a unique connection to Divine Creator and a spiritual maturity not often found in social circles. These soul supports will come and have come to unite with you on your journey, but you must see them with eyes of a mystic.

As these companions on the mystical journey continue to emerge, there will be rejoicing, as well as somber reflection and unification for the greatest good.

As always, your Divine purpose has been made clear. It is to inspire individuals to find their Divine purpose within and carry out this expression for the good of the masses. You have been called to accomplish this through connection and reunion with the Sacred Feminine voice, which remains dormant in the souls of many.

Come to us for guidance. Come to us for inspiration. Come to us for assurance. Come to us for courage. Come to us for all that you need and want and all will be revealed to you. It is the simplest of messages. It is the most difficult of disciplines.

Coming to us requires initiation through the portals of self-will, shame, doubt, despair, loneliness, fear and isolation of spirit, mind and heart. As you continue to come with heavy heart, your strength will be renewed in all ways.

To gain power, you must be willing to lose it. To gain sight, you must be willing to know blindness. To gain guidance and clarity, you must risk being lost in despair. To gain fulfillment, you must be willing to embrace desperation. This is the message to give.”