Saturday, September 28, 2013

Healing Happens over time......

September 27th

Sometimes we must visit the same places again and again until healing is complete.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“So much is birthed in frustration and tension. The distressed and distraught energies may especially show up where the unknown is concerned. Even those places we have visited many times may remain a place of learning.

This fear of rejection, this power you give over to another, sometimes surrendering it to us, over and over, can only reclaim it. Sometimes you must risk that which you fear and dream most in order to reclaim the power you have given away.

With those you love, open your heart. The heart opened is to you first. Then from this deep and profound love and compassion for self, you find your love and compassion for the other. Stand in bold care of self. Stand in fearless love of self. Stand in abundant mercy for self. All else in harmony and order of Divine care and compassion falls from this place. We are with you.”

 My husband and I have had some challenges communicating over the last few months and so we have sought outside help with this. We are able, after just a few sessions, to listen with detachment to one another, respect our differences with more love and connect more authentically. Laughter has been one of our most treasures experiences together and as a result of the break thru in our relationship, we are once again laughing and connecting through joy-not pain. 

Remember there is always hope. Healing does come and joy is not far from the pain when you surrender and seek spiritual connection. Follow the link to explore some offerings that may assist on your journey.

 Blessings and joy to you, Sally

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