Monday, September 10, 2012

Navigating our spiritual journey

Action with an intention to serve will birth miracles.
                                                                             Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

I know that an intention to serve others connects me to Divine flow and opens doors to experience synchronistic events. When I follow this flow and see these synchronistic events as part of the guidance to serve, I am able to accomplish what I set out to accomplish. Unfortunately, unhealthy ego, old messages and life's challenges can get in the way. My mind can steer me away from my heart and soul's intuitive direction and I get sidetracked.

When we heal ourselves and do the personal work that clears out our wounded history, teaches us to confront our own addictive patterns and opens us to a spiritual connection, we become free and ready to serve. In service we find our Divine purpose, but first we must allow ourselves to heal and find empowerment through our pain. 

The discipline of the spiritual life is difficult. There are ups and downs and the journey is not even, smooth and always direct. If we do not give up on ourselves and continue to surrender what we confront along the way, especially our own internalized shame and fear, a way will be shown. Faith during these times will help. 

Today my intention is to be of service to others and to love myself boldly and unabashedly as I navigate this journey. I give to myself the kind and generous parenting and guidance also the path that I have always longed to receive. In my unconditional love and support of me, I come home to myself and I find my way.

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