Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The power to create....

One must experience attachment in order to experience the ability to surrender.
Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

“It is easy to be attached to an outcome, but to be free of attachments and surrender to Divine Spirit, this is an art. This is the practice that creates freedom, clarity and abundance. This is the practice that allows for the great spiritual energy to come in and move all things to allow for synchronicity and miracles.

You are wise and courageous to see and own your attachments. In fully embracing them, you are able to fully release them as well.

You must have one to have the other. There must be attachment to experience surrender. They are all one. They are all part of the spiritual journeying. They are a part of the deepening growth that comes over time.

Allow the attachment to connect you to Divine Source in surrender.
We are here for you.”

Today I pray for the courage to LISTEN to my own power to create through intuition and inner guidance. I know that to truly manifest the desires of my heart, I must be disciplined - like a warrior - to release what no longer serves me and embrace direction that comes through my own meditation practice and connection with Spirit. It's not a magical happening, it is mature woman, being willing to give up her own fantasies of how things should look or be in order to change (which is the greatest fear for most of us) my life to honor Divine whispers. Comfort is over rated, but many of us choose what is familiar because of our addiction to comfort, rather than honoring the guidance within that comes to assist us in the right use of our souls.

Caroline Myss writes and speaks so eloquently about Learning to Create. Check her work out at

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